Backstreet Boys To Release ‘Poster Girl’ As New Single

Denise McLean, mother of star posted a diary entry on her website providing an update on the group. In a posting on Wednesday (October 27), she writes, “As far as the BSB are doing, here is the latest from that front. The shows in Mexico and Monterey went very well and AJ is doing better at getting around on his knee. He is still not able to do full choreography but once the therapy is done he will be good as new. It has been over six weeks since his surgery and he is slowly getting back to normal. He actually went golfing and is driving so progress is being made. The boys are now in Stockholm recording with Max Martin and will be back to their respective homes at the end of this month. As far as my son tells me. the first single is still due out at the end of November and unless a change comes out of the current recording session, ‘Poster Girl’ is still slated as the first tune to be heard.”

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