Backstreet Boys Wrap Up Recording New Album

Denise McLean, mother of star AJ McLean, posted an update on her official website on Wednesday (June 30), revealing that the Boys have finished recording their new album. “Alex, Kevin and Brian played golf at the Healthy Heart Foundation tournament this past weekend and according to fans had a blast,” she wrote. “They mingled a lot with the crowd and a friend told me that they showed my son’s friend a baby picture of him and he laughed out loud. A good time was had by all. As far as I know at this point they are on a little time off after having finished recording the album. Now comes the hard part of putting a tour together and rehearsing to get it all perfected. Alex is looking forward to touring again and greeting his fans at each event. All the boys have been working hard with personal trainers to get back into tip top shape for the upcoming rigorous schedule. I am excited as well and when I find out what the first single might be I will let you know.”

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