Backstreet Boys Write A New Song

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The Backstreet Boys fan website,, reports “According to the ASCAP website, a new song written by all five Backstreet Boys has been registered. The song is called ‘I Got A Woman’, and was co-written by singer/songwriter Jude Cole, who has worked with Lindsay Pagano and Lifehouse in the past. While it’s unknown right now, it’s entirely possible that this song will be used on the upcoming Backstreet Boys release. ”

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10 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Write A New Song

  1. eLgato says:

    lol, everyone here at popdirt will be millionaires before the girlies of *NSYNC write a song together. lance, chris, and joey aren’t allowed anywhere near the studio. their mics are never turned on. Justin always has to have someone hold his hand while he adds meaningless lyrics to pop songs that Michael Jackson didn’t want to use. jc writes about girls, thinking it’ll stop us from saying his gay. meanwhile, BSB ALL WRITE, ALL SING, ALL PRODUCE.

    according to all the people at LD, this is NOT a new song from BSB. it’s been registered with ASCAP for years. so it’s an old song that BSB wrote but never used/released.

  2. WaneInTheZone says:

    ‘I Got A Woman who Beats my repeatedly and steals my property while I sit their and do nothing’ Nick is getting soo personal in his writing, lol.

  3. stallion says:

    I think the Backstreet Boys meant to call the song I got a man but they didn’t want people to think that they are gay (but it is so obvious that they are gay) so those talentless queer named the song I got a woman.

  4. CanadianBSBFan says:

    Almost all your comments your calling someone gay. So what if their gay what the hell does that have to do with their talent. Nothing, I think you need to go back to grade school because those kids have better insults than you.

  5. ajslover says:

    Okay, now I don’t normaly post comments, but I think that this is necessary. I am a huge backstreet fan and even I don’t comment on this stupid *****. My question is for “Stallion”, nice name, anyways, why is it that if you are a *NSYNC fan do you waste your time arguing about a Backstreet Boys post?? You obviously don’t have a life and can’t find anything better to do than fighting about BSB. I mean lets face it Nsync will never record again so I guess this gives you something to do. And you say Elgato is obsessed with BSB, look at you. How old are you anyway? 12. Find something better to do cause quite frankly you aren’t going to win.

  6. flutter says:

    The song isn’t new. Someone on Livedaily said the song has been around for a while… and that people thought it was going to be material for Black and Blue.

  7. CanadianBSBFan says:

    I’m not expecting you to believe anything. Believe what you want to believe. What I am want from you is an intelligent reply that has nothing to do with calling me a slut. Which I can say is not an insult coming from you anymore because you have called everyone on here a slut. That word means nothing coming from you anymore. But I’m starting to believe that their is no intelligence in you, which is sad for the world. Because you’re taking up space on it.

  8. babet says:

    ok. All 5 guys couldn’t write a decent song so they needed a 6th guy to co-write it?? I guess their iq’s combined couldn’t do it. Jude cole could have done better if he wrote it by himself.

  9. stallion says:

    I remember that time that sh**street Boys tired writing a song together. It was the god awful time song not even Babyface could make that song a good time. How bout that other song they tired writing together the answer to our lives we all know the BSB only care about the money. Everything about that group is FAKE

  10. Smile says:

    The BsB have written many songs. Both for themselves and other singers. Two songs on the Black and Blue album was written by just the BsB. And of course, each member has written songs on his own. Not to mention they have produced songs as well. For this song, the BsB probably started writing it. Then maybe Jude Cole saw them working on it or the guys wanted a second opinion of the song so he worked on it. It’s not a big deal. A lot of other groups and singers do that too. Give it a rest haters. There is still a chance the song will be on the new album. We’ll just have to see what happens.

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