Is Dead

Following the decision to drop The Firm as their reps, the band’s official site,, has pulled the plug and now redirects to their Jive label’s official site at (aka Fans reacted to the news Thursday.

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5 thoughts on “ Is Dead

  1. BlueAngel1 says:

    I think the Backstreet Boys had to chance the official website, because of The Firm. I’m sure it has to do with legal stuff. Copie right. etc..

    I was a on line member since September. Funny it was on Wednesday, I was on it and on Thursday it was gone.

    I hope it come back on. I really love the pictures of the guys and the videos of them.

  2. Spongebob_Rocks says:

    Man this totally sucks. That was the only message board I could go to without having to hear “bsb suck” or some other crap like that. I’m gonna miss going to their MB on their official site..the people there were soooo close.. I hope they get it back and running soon that was my favorite site next to

  3. SummerRain says:

    It happened the last time when the group changed management nothing really big. It wasn’t like their old management did any major updates anyways.

  4. Jen says:

    Um, I love the Backstreet Boys and everything, but I can’t say I will really miss that site very much. How many times did they update?, like 3 times year? Maybe this new site will do a better job.

  5. BlueAngel1 says:

    I do agree with you guys, under The Firm management, the website was poorly updated and it seem you had to go to for update news on the guys. No one, so far can bet I do hope the site will return soon.

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