Banderas And Timberlake Reveal Their Softer Side

The Sun reports Antonio Banderas related so closely to Puss-in-Boots, the animated character he plays in ‘Shrek 2’, that he ended up sobbing and holding the hand of at the premiere. Banderas was watching the animated film at the Cannes Film Festival last week as he sat between the star and Cameron Diaz, who also lent her vocals to the film. “I was kind of crying at the end of the thing,” Banderas said. “It was kinda funny because there is a very romantic moment at the end of the movie. My character says, ‘I wanna cry,’ and I was crying. Cameron Diaz was (to the left) and was (to the right), and he said to me, ‘I’m crying too!’ so we held hands for a while. Cameron was just looking over there (thinking), ‘These guys, what are they doing?'”

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