Barcelona Discuss ‘Absolutes’ & Brian Eichelberger’s Role

Brian Fennell, Chris Bristol and Rhett Stonelake of BarcelonaBrian Fennell, Chris Bristol and Rhett Stonelake of Barcelona sat down with Kiwibox at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City to discuss what fans can expect when they go to pick up the reissued and remastered version of ‘Absolutes’, the process of writing songs as a band, fourth member Brian Eichelberger being more the producer for the group, how life on the road has been treating them, and their music being featured on ‘Race to Witch Mountain’.

“When we made the first record, we were really excited to have something done and obviously we wanted to make a full length record and that’s what we did,” Chris explained about the record. “There were definitely parts of the record we weren’t completely satisfied with, especially the area of mixing and mastering, and there were a couple of new songs we worked out after the release of the first one, and we really wanted to share those. It still felt like a part of where we’re at as a band right now, and so with the record label re-releasing the record, one of the things we worked out with them was to have the whole thing remixed and remastered, and the songs, a lot of them sound completely different.”

On the role of Brian Eichelberger, Chris said, “His purpose in the band was as a producer. He helped us with the collaboration of song and the recording of songs, so this feels like a much more natural thing. When we’re home and at certain shows we’ll fly him out, he’ll play strings as violinist. It works really well.”

Watch the interview below.

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