Bash Britney Spears And You’re Bashing Pop

Okay the Britney Spears bashing has to end. How can you justify being on a popsite and hating on the embodiment of all that is pop. Your excuses are getting weaker and weaker and I am going to call you out and tell you what I think, cause I have read enough of your opinions.

Excuse 1 : “She is so slutty, she wears like nothing and prositutes her body” Well this is just ridiculous! Sex sells, we all know this, so stop playing innocent!

Excuse 2 : “She does stupid things like getting married and doesn’t own up to them” So? We all make mistakes, and we are young so we don’t always take the mature route and admit fault, the only difference is that she lives her life under a microscope.

Excuse 3 : “She can’t sing and she only plays her CD at her concerts” Well fine, she is not a singer, she is a performer and I prefer that, and so what if it’s not really her voice? I like the result and I don’t care where it comes from as long as it sounds good.

Excuse 4 : “ is so much better because she has the respect of the music industry and has won 4 Grammys and Britney hasn’t won any” So Britney got overlooked by the Grammy comittee I don’t care, and this brings us back to the previous excuse; she can’t sing but that doesn’t mean that she can’t dance, perform and that her end result is amazing!!

Excuse 5 : “She’s ugly and from a trailer park” Okay so she may not have come from a wealthy background, but it just means she had to work harder to get where she is today. And I don’t think she is ugly, I don’t care if her eyes aren’t perfect and whatever you guys think she is stout, but she just has muscles, and she worked hard for them.

Excuse 6 : “She is not original” Stick with what works! Besides it’s impossible to be original these days, everything has been done before!

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