Lance Bass Brushes Off Potential Film Critics

The Inquirer’s Steven Rea talked to *NSYNC’s at the premiere of ‘On The Line’ and he addressed potential reaction from critics saying, “Of course the critics are going to be there. You know, ‘musicians can’t act’ and that kind of stuff, but we did it for ourselves and we did it for our fans, and I think it’s a great movie, a good-quality movie.”

‘On The Line’ Cast Visit Ricki Lake

October 23, 2001 – When Ricki Lake put out the word that it was giving away a chance to hang with *NSYNC’s and Joey Fatone, the response was overwhelming. On Thursday, October 25, four frenzied finalists put it all “on the line” — braving the repercussions of their confessions to someone they secretly wronged and the judgement of Ricki Lake’s national viewing audience — for the chance to rub shoulders with their favorite stars.

More Lance Kissy-Kissy Talk

October 23, 2001 – Katrillion talked to *NSYNC’s about the much hyped kissing scene he had with co-star Emmanuelle Chriqui in ‘On The Line’. Bass says, “I’ll admit it, we were going for MTV’s (Movie Award for) Best Kiss,” adding “It was cool, but strange as there are 1,000 people cheering and screaming at you while you are doing it … It feels unnatural because they (the movie crew) are telling you to move your neck every which way.”

Lance Says *NSYNC Can’t Last Forever

October 22, 2001 – In a quote basically contrary to what he was quoted saying last week, *NSYNC’s Lance Bass told Entertainment Weekly, “*NSYNC can’t last forever. Hopefully, we’ve got another good 10 years ahead of us.” Because of this, Lance is keen on acting saying, “I just think with the acting, there’s not a time limit on it. That’s why I want to get into this – I love to entertain, and this lives forever.”

Emmanuelle Chriqui Loves Lance Bass’ Lips

October 18, 2001 – Worldpop reports Lance Bass’ ‘On the Line’ co-star Emmanuelle Chriqui is giving her thoughts on the on-screen kiss with the *NSYNC star. Chriqui admits, “I’ve had to tell all my friends dozens of times, Lance’s lips are soft and wonderful just like he is. Lance is so young and he has such enormous fame, yet he is real, quietly ambitious, inspiring and down-to-earth.”

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