Battle Brewing Between Pink & Charlotte Church

Irish Examiner reported earlier this month that was not impressed with Charlotte Church’s rugby star boyfriend Gavin Henson when they both appeared on the Jonathon Ross show. “I was sitting next to him and he pointed to the cameraman and was like, ‘Hey you, why don’t you point that camera at me and put it on the screen so I can see how good I look?’,” Pink explained. “I’ve never heard a guy say that. That was the first thing I heard him say. I thought, ‘Who is that dude?'” Now, Charlotte is apparently firing back. According to FemaleFirst, Church said, “She’s desperate for PR, what with her new album. I think she said it because Gav turned down an offer to be in her next video. We were stunned because after the show, she posed for pictures with him and gave him loads of her CDs. Why do that if she didn’t like him?”

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