Bay City Rollers Were Bigger Than Westlife

Bay City Roller Les McKeown tells The Glasgow Daily Record that just can’t compete with the original Scottish boyband. He asked, “Do Westlife have a life outside of the British Isles? Does anyone in the US know who they are? They’ve just not cracked it. I think our success was down to sincerity and the fact that we had a good looking singer with a great voice. That’s why The Bay City Rollers are the second biggest boyband in the world after The Beatles.”

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7 thoughts on “Bay City Rollers Were Bigger Than Westlife

  1. eLgato says:

    who the hell are the bay city rollers?

  2. Jive says:

    Asking the same thing. Noone in the US knows them too!

  3. clayfan says:

    S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. Night was No. 1 hit in the U.S. in 1975…they had other hits also.

  4. eLgato says:

    well, they’re wrong. I bet more Americans have heard of Westlife than Bay City Rollers

  5. clayfan says:

    They wore kilts; they were fun. They were a big hit in the U.S. from 1975 until 1977, then they were gone. They did a memorable lip-synching performance on American Bandstand in their kilts.

  6. Jays says:

    This is the biggest crack up I’ve had in weeks. I’ve never heard of the Bay City Rollers. Westlife, however are extraordinary talents who gained a two top 50 hits in the US with Swear It Again and World Of Our Own. Elsewhere in the world, they’re phenomenons, breaking records and selling millions. Who the hell are the Bay City Rollers?!?!?!?!?!?!? They think their success was down to sincerity??? um…what success??? They had a good looking singer with a great voice??? WOW!!! Well Westlife have 5 of them!!! I’d like to shoot Bay City Roller Les McKeown. He’s the biggest bull ***** artist!

  7. clayfan says:

    Yes…waaaaaay back then. You can learn about them from archival info. like I did.’, ‘When that Bay City Rollers guy was quoted, I think he overstated their importance. At least in the U.S. I doubt anyone would agree that Bay City Rollers were the second biggest boyband in history, second to the Beatles. I think that distinction would go to another boyband, but I’m not sure which one.

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