BBMak Perform And Interview On TRL

visited MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to perform their new hit ‘Out Of My Heart (Into Your Head)’ which was #6 on the countdown. The guys talked about the new album ‘Into You Head’ and what they plan on doing to celebrate next Tuesday’s release. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: These guys are amazing debuted july 1st, their latest video,
just rackin’ up the votes. Give some love for bbmak.


Damien: I’m amazed. I think that was louder than last time were you

BBMak: Yeah.

Damien: It keeps getting louder for you guys.

BBMak: It does.

BBMak: Awesome.

Damien: How you fealin’?


[Inaudible] Guys.

BBMak: We are tired today but we are fine.

Damien: I got these earplugs and i can hear all of you and about to
go deaf the album drops the 27th.

BBMak: Yeah, tuesday.

Damien: Called?

BBMak: “Into your head” how do you feel about that.

BBMak: Really excited very proud of, you know, what we’ve done on the
new album we wrote all the songs on it and played everything on it and
got a chance to produce some of the tracks on it. It is our baby.

Damien: What about a release party are you going to do — what will
happen the day of the release, will you party or jaded by the fact that
it is your br what’s going o

BBMak:Oh we’ll have a party definitely at a few bars

Damien: A pint or two


Damien: Also the arthur ashe kids day event —

t satda a charity for children in

[Ina] To ge kids a chance to play tennis.

Damien: Haw have the honor of hosting it with quddus, tulyatill beweme
ve m him?

BBMak: He is a chilled dude, really cool.

Damien: Well to your video in a minute and let you guys perform. You
can put youruitars o and get someone on the drums over there and we’ll
do it up, more videos, though, no. 7 here we go up two from yesterday it
is vanessa carlton “ordinary day” with bbmak.


Damien: No. 7 vanessa carlton “ordinary day”, up two from yesterday,
by the way. By the way i promise you a live performance we are ready for
one now but, by the way avril is back stage, too, not putting on make-up
i guarantee. She refuses to and will premiere her video, soon. But check
them out their album hits stores september 27th here they are landin’ at
no. 6 give it up for bbmak


Damien: Oh, ya that was and thanks guys.

BBMak: Thank you.

Damien: Very good job ‘cool. Thank you

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