BBMak Stop By MTV’s TRL To Introduce New Video

The guys from stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to talk with Damien. They talked about their new album ‘Into Your Head’ due out August 27th and introduced their new video ‘Out Of My Heart’. Read on for a rough transcript.

Damien: put your hands together bringing out my first guests for the
day mark, christian and steve, it is BB Mak


Damien: Hi.

BBMak: Hello, hello.

Damien: — What a response you are gettin’.

BBMak: It is great, it’s been a long time.

Damien: Away for a year and still get this response. That’s good right.

BBMak: Yes.

Damien: What have you been up to the past year.

BBMak: The past year we’ve been in the studiot past year and started
writing probably july last year and recording january this year so it’s
been busy.

Damien: You have a new album comin’ out.

BBMak: Yes. Out the 27th of august called “into your head”.

Damien: And the single is out now radio stations playin’ it like crazy,
congrats on that.

BBMak: Yeah.


Damien: Oh, yeah I have a personal question here, I saw austin powers
over the weekend I guess it is a rum more a lot of people in britain have
bad teeth but yours are fine. Is that true is that


BBMak: They are fake.

BBMak: These are fake.

Damien: Very good, very good everything is fake, actually pop odyssey
tour you did that last year with nsync and you guys still talkin’ to him
or anything, still connected with them?

BBMak: For a while but

[Inaudible] We were out in vegas and places like this.

Damien: You had a good time.

BBMak: Yeah.

Damien:  I got to ask like all my guests what do you think of lance
going to outerspace.

BBMak: I’m very jealous.

Damien: Are you really, would you like to do that?

BBMak: Yeah, I think he’s got balls!


Damien: You’d be interested.

BBMak: I would be, yeah.

Damien: Would you be willing to fork over 20 million.

BBMak: I haven’t got the money yet, maybe next year.

Damien: Okay. Cool what we’ll do is get to another video. You guys hang
out and we’ll talk about yours we’ll premiere here on trl. Make some noise
there you go noise for bbmak and we’ll wormed premiere their video like
I said nelly is down a spot from yesterday no. 3 “hot in herre” chillin’
with bbmak in times square


Damien: Avril lavigne “complicated” at no. 3. It is damien, times square,
bbmak, of course hangin’ out talkin’ about their new album. August 27th,
it drops.

BBMak: Yes.

Damien: What is it called.

BBMak: The the album is called “into your head”.

Damien: More of a rock sound, too. Is that the deal with this? Your
last was very popish.

BBMak: I think the fact since we recorded last time we did a lot of
live shows since then and, so, you know, I think we kir reeed that live
sound into the studio and got more involved in production on this album.

Damien: Who produced it.

BBMak: Well, rob

[Inaudible] Produced the album and greenday,

[Inaudible] And al clay from the U.K., In a lot of english rock bands
and we produced some of the tracks ourselves and we wrote every song on
the album. We are very proud of it.

Damien: Like your baby now right.

BBMak: Yes


Damien: Your new video shot on the set of “dawson’s creek” who had that

BBMak: A director, a lady from england called


Damien: Did she want to meet james van derbeek? That’s what I heard.

BBMak: We don’t get the news it is not really a big show in england.

Damien: It isn’t? Was it cool on the set, though.

BBMak: It was cool, big set.

Damien: You are surrounded by bikini-clad girls.

BBMak: A tough job, you know, but someone has to do it.

Damien: If not enrique, bbmak right.

BBMak: Right.

Damien: There you go. Do you want to introduce the world premiere video
I’ll give it to you go ahead.

BBMak: Here you go the world premiere of our new video, it’s been a
long time since we’ve been here this is bbmak.

BBMak: A new song off our new album called.

BBMak: “Out of my heart”!


Damien: World premiere BBMak dial if you want it to make the countdown.
Trl is all about spon nate. I got to do one thing we have a big ass fan,
a bbmak fan

BBMak: Come on down.

Damien: What’s your name.

BBMak: Hi.

BBMak: Can dance.

Damien: This is BBMak.

BBMak: Like you didn’t know give them a hug


Damien: Isn’t this a sweet moment look at the jeans, she did the jeans.

BBMak: The whole union jack thing going on there.

BBMak: Very nice.

Damien: Are you going to check them out on tour?

BBMak: Yeah.

Damien: You are.

Damien: When are you touring.

BBMak: We’ll be touring, we’ll do radio shows around the country and
our own house of blues tour.

BBMak: October 20th.

Damien: August 27th the album drops. Right?

BBMak: Yes.

Damien: Stop guy again.

BBMak: Thank you, guys.

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2 thoughts on “BBMak Stop By MTV’s TRL To Introduce New Video

  1. pl says:

    I haven’t heard of BBMak in a long time. I miss that song “Until you’re back here baby….” I love their voices. Wish I could hear new stuff from them.

  2. bcpl says:

    I’ve never heard of BBmak. Who are they???

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