Beach Bum Kylie Minogue Sizzles On Shoot In French Riviera

The Sun has photos of from a modeling shoot on the French Riviera, where the Aussie singer vamped it up in heavy eye make-up reminiscent of a young Brigitte Bardot. An onlooker at the photo session said, “It’s a class ass. You can see why Kylie has the best bottom in showbiz. She looked utterly fantastic.”

Kylie And Olivier Still Together Insists Spokesman

August 4, 2003 – The Sunday Mirror reports that even though Angelina Jolie and Olivier Martinez were due to attend Hugh Hefner’s Midsummer Night Party at his LA mansion, a spokesman for insists the Aussie singer and Martinez are still a couple. He said, “They are still together. Kylie had to come back to record her new album. She’s in Paris at the moment and can’t drop everything for the love of her life.”

‘So Happy’ Denies Split With Olivier Martinez

July 31, 2003 – reports that Kylie Minogue was all smiles as she left her Chelsea apartment. “You know it’s not true, what else can I say?” she said. “I have just had the most romantic two days in Montreal. I had a lovely, lovely time.” The Aussie singer refused to comment on reports boyfriend Olivier Martinez strayed on her with Angelina Jolie but smiled when she was asked if she was still in love. “I can’t wait to see him again,” she said. “I’m so happy right now. I love every minute I spend with Olivier. I had a couple of days off so I packed an overnight bag and flew to Montreal.”

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4 thoughts on “Beach Bum Kylie Minogue Sizzles On Shoot In French Riviera

  1. right_wing says:

    oh my god I can’t believe they’re complaining about Kylie’s ass!!! what the hell is wrong with her ass?? they all must have the most perfect asses to ***** about hers!! I’d love to have an ass like Kylie’s!!! and god knows all my guy friends would lol

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    I don’t think anyone was complaining about her ass. that dude said “its fantastic” not horrific. lol. maybe its just me, but I think its a pretty normal sized ass, unlike j lo’s

  3. babet says:

    Kylie looks good in the photos! and compared to j-ho, I think she has a way better ass.

  4. Izzy says:

    I’m pretty sure they weren’t complaining about her ass. She was voted “Best Bum” in the world.

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