‘Beautiful’ Voted Top Pop Song Of 2003

In a fierce battle between and fans, Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ pulled away from Spears ‘Me Against the Music’ featuring Madonna in our previous poll asking what your favorite pop song of 2003 was. Far behind in the third slot was Justin Timberlake’s ‘Rock Your Body’ with 5.8% and Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Miss Independent’ with 5.5%.

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10 thoughts on “‘Beautiful’ Voted Top Pop Song Of 2003

  1. rachel says:

    That song is an awesome song, Christina or no Christina. Its not about who’s popular really but which song was the best. And to the Britter’s fans, MATM kinda suxed so I wonder how she even got 37%. The most credible explanation is teenybopperness. Very pathetic.

  2. getalifeyall says:

    I’m surprised how close Me Against The Music was to beating out Beautiful. Beautiful has been out for over a year now and should have won easily. Britney and Madonna’s song just came out as couple months ago. This just goes to show how many fans Britney Spears actually has. Is it any wonder why all her albums debut at #1?

  3. rachel says:

    ^lol Britney fans are pathetic, what kind of lame excuse is that. The older it is, the most likely it will loose because people get sick of songs. Shame on you for making such a horrible and pathetic excuse, just to make that slut look good.

  4. collins_xtina says:

    OMG that’s mah GIRL! so it means Christina has a very hardworking fans who are sacrificing to vote her in this poll all day and night and I’m one of those thousands of fans who are! Congratz Christina you deserves it.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    The result of this poll says it all. Beautiful topped the billboard chart. Me Against the Music failed to reach the top 40. Beautiful got nominated at the upcoming Grammy Awards. Me Against The Music is exclusively for teenyboppers. And I bet even the Teen Choice Awards would snob this song. It’s just awful. Everybody loves Beautiful because the song is really good. Me Against The Music could kill all the Grammy committees by just listening to it. Christina can sing. Britney swallows.

  6. Julian80 says:

    Of course its the best pop song of 2003 with Linda’s amazing lyrics and Christina’s awesome vocals… there’s no way this song could of lost… I like MATM also it just wasn’t the top pop song of 2003 though sorry :P

  7. getalifeyall says:

    Actually, Britney was winning this dumb poll until the night the topic about her striking back at Christina was posted. Then a bunch of pissed off Christina fans got jealous and obsessive as usual and started voting like crazy which I don’t blame them for. I mean if your favorite pop star’s album never reaches #1 and she continuously fails to outsell her main competition, then I’d vote like crazy for her too. Who cares about album sales and profiting when you can be #1 on some online poll? *rolls eyes*

  8. rachel says:

    Haha you care, you are so pissed that is why you keep posting over and over again!! Ooh’, ‘the slut sux just deal with it, and what is up with her new single. How come nobody has heard it on the radio. They’re probably refusing to play it, I guess Jive will have to bribe them again in order to get Spears song on the radio!

  9. JLOVER101 says:

    You make no sense.’, ‘popdirt is mostly a battle between Britney and Christina fans, so it’s no surprise that it ended up being those 2 on top. Honestly, beautiful deserved to win, but MATM is a sh**y song and did not even deserve to be on the poll. And you know what’s even more stupid about your response is that it’s surprising that Beautiful has been out for a year and still can beat out a song by Britney which is currently out if anything by your reasoning Brit should have won because that song is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

  10. Souldecision says:

    Christina is just the best! So glad she won this poll just to show that her work is so awesome. Beautiful is such a terrific song and Christina sang it perfectly, definitely it will win a Grammy. Go Xtina, you the best! Luv you girl!

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