Beckham And Loos Kissed And Cuddled ‘Like Teenagers’

David Beckham’s ex-bodyguard told The Sun on Sunday night how the England soccer star and his personal assistant Rebecca Loos kissed and cuddled “like teenagers” in the back of his car.

“David and Rebecca obviously liked each other a lot,” 44-year-old Delfin Fernandez revealed. “I drove them three times to the Santa Mauro hotel in Madrid, where David stayed while he looked for a house. And once I took them to the Hotel Melia Fenix, which is where David’s Real Madrid team stay before a match. David trusted me implicitly and was fine kissing her in front of me. [His wife and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham] knew nothing about it.” Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Beckham And Loos Kissed And Cuddled ‘Like Teenagers’

  1. popmaster167 says:

    Another story by the sun,they’ve really set out to destroy these 2. I highly doubt however how a well respected bodyguard who was on god knows how much money per month would give that up for even a one time pay check for selling a story, just doesn’t go. I want to wait and see if any other sources other then the sun report it though.

  2. music_vibe says:

    I’ve seen the picture of David, the girl and their friends at the dinner where they also said they played a game and kissed. if there was a photographer present that night and took those shots, then shouldn’t there be a shot of them lip locking? that’s why there’s the meaning “a picture says a thousand words”. anyone can make up a story. btw, these are tabloids.

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