Beckhams Having Trouble Finding L.A. Home

Former Spice Girl are having troubles finding a home in California, hampered by sellers who raise the price once they learn the famous couple is interested in their home. “It’s pretty hard to keep identities secret when you are interested in multimillion-dollar mansions,” a source close to the pair explained. “Once sellers find out who’s interested in buying, the prices skyrocket. It’s ridiculous.” Read more.

Posh ‘Sick And Tired’ Of Tom Cruise’s Scientology Pitch

Us Weekly reports former Spice Girl is tiring of Tom Cruise’s domineering behavior, having to listen to best friend Katie Holmes complain about the actor “denying her every single thing” and his attempts to convert her and hubby David to his religion. “Victoria is sick and tired of Tom being on her back about Scientology,” a source explained. “Victoria is an old-fashioned British woman who believes in God. She finds it quite rude that Tom is bugging her so much. Not too long ago, Tom left 18 messages in one hour to get them to join the church.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Posh & Becks Feel Welcome In LA

Former Spice Girl posted a few updates on her and hubby David’s official web site, DVB Style, about the family’s move to Los Angeles. “I’m really looking forward to making new friends and enjoying the sunshine in California,” she said in a January 15th message. “But I will be back often and will keep everybody here up to date with what’s happening.” The singer added a couple days later: “I’ve been so touched by the support from all the people we’ve met. People in the street have been calling out things like ‘Welcome Home, we’re so excited you’re here.’ That has been fantastic, and one of the best things about this trip.” Check out the postings at

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