Beef Brewing On Where Britney Spears Will Give Birth

The London Free Press reports that Britney Spears’ hubby Kevin Federline and mother Lynne are battling over where the singer should give birth to her first child. Spears’ mother wants it to be in their native Louisiana, but Kevin wants an Arizona birth, where arrangements are already in place. Britney reportedly ended up cursing Lynne and throwing coffee at her as Kevin looked on amused.

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6 thoughts on “Beef Brewing On Where Britney Spears Will Give Birth

  1. Cabati says:

    Yeah right. We know this is fake. Kevin doesn’t even give a sh** about his son’s birthday party. I doubt he really cares where the baby will be born.

  2. popstar says:

    It’s all silly, because that kid is going to start kicking whenever & whereever they are. I’d laugh if it ended up being in the drive thru for McDonalds. Kevin: I’ll have 2 big macs and 2 cokes. Britney: KEVIN! WE’RE HAVING A BABY! KEVIN: Oh yea, & a kids meal.

  3. ilovechristinaaguilera says:

    I hope this is false and she didn’t throw coffee on her mom.

  4. GuiltyPleasures says:

    I don’t believe this for a minute. I doubt Kevin cares where the birth will be, he doesn’t seem that involved.

  5. Starlet01 says:

    You know what’s so sad is that sometimes the European press can be right on things

    I truly don’t want to believe that Britney could be so nasty towards her own mom.

  6. fandango says:

    I thought it said he didn’t care–>’, ‘”Britney reportedly ended up cursing Lynne and throwing coffee at her as Kevin looked on amused.” All Kevin cares about is what Britney will buy him next. He’ll be cheating on her (if he hasn’t already) soon – he can’t hold out too long.

    I doubt anyone cares where the baby is born. Let’s just hope that Britney doesn’t end up ‘missing’ next month before the baby comes. It might take a huge ransom ($20Million?) to get her back safely. I’m sure Kevin is having his meetings right now about how to swing it. Then –Britney comes back safe, and Kevin can walk out w/ as much as he was in it for without the need for a prenup. BTW – wonder what happens in the prenup if Britney ‘accidentally’ dies?

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