Beer Matt’s Busted A Gut

Victoria Newton of The Sun was on hand for former Busted star ’ debut solo show in London. “Seeing Matt perform without the shackles of a record label ordering him to get in shape and be squeaky clean for the sake of a teenage fanclub was a joy,” she writes. “Throughout his 30-minute set the odd naughty word slipped out – despite his gran watching from the wings. And he really held the crowd’s attention as he played five new tracks with a grown-up Busted sound.” Newton also hinted that Willis could be the next Robbie Williams. “His lager-fuelled look resembles a bit of Robbie in the early days of his solo career and they have both battled through a difficult spell in rehab,” Newton said. “Matt’s ‘Don’t Let it Go To Waste’ could be the ballad that cements his success as ‘Angels’ did for Robbie.” Read more, including photos, here.

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