Being A Hater

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I just wanted to say something to those people who think that somebody is a “hater” just because they bad mouth a celebrity. Of course the only example I can think of is . Many of you call people “haters” if they talk about how she’s always making a fool of herself, has a bad excuse for a husband, etc. Well, this is what I have to say. How exactly is somebody being a hater if they’re making an opinion about what’s true about Britney? It’s not our fault that she makes a fool of herself, asks for attention (and always bad attention) constantly, uses her private life to get even more attention while people defend her for being hounded by the media, etc. Now, if those things WERE NOT true, then that person is “hating.” But if it’s all true, and even the fans know it, then how the hell is it “hating?”

It’s called common sense people. You can’t get mad at those people who are just telling the truth while your own idol is the one that causes the negative attention. You should get mad at Britney for always doing that instead of acting as if it’s never her fault for anything she does. And some of you forget the point, or are just overlooking the point. First of all, nobody gives a flying rat’s crap about the fact that she likes sex, that she’s married, that she smokes, and that she’s pregnant. People have got over that a long time ago, and quite frankly nobody cares. It’s just the how and why of her actions!

Why must people like Charlotte Church defend Britney’s media attention, while Britney is the one that makes it loud and clear that she wants it? I mean seriously, how many celebrities who say that they want their privacy go on to make a whole TV show on their “private” moments? How many TV shows has Reese and Ryan, or Will Smith and Jada made on their personal lives? Seriously, if you ask me, this is common sense. There’s nothing wrong with her making a TV show about her private life, Nick and Jessica did, but you don’t see them complaining about the media and saying how they want their privacy now do you? Britney wants the attention. Just because its negative attention doesn’t mean that it makes her the most loved celebrity in the world.

Believe me, if Britney didn’t do all those publicity stunts, she would not be getting as much attention as she is now. These days anybody that can make a fool of themselves will get just as much attention as Britney. Look at Paris Hilton, she has made her whole career out of publicity stunts, does that mean that it’s a good thing? If Paris acted mature, intelligent, and decent, do you think she would be the Paris that’s the most hyped up famous person for being famous in the world? I mean really, get real here. Sure, it’s not her fault that the media is surrounding her, but it’s not our fault that she’s married to a loser and pregnant by him. It’s not our fault that she makes herself look very trashy and dirty for somebody who has no excuse at all to walk around barefooted and looking like sh**.

There is just no excuse for it at all. For once, think about the situations instead of jumping to say that somebody is a hater. Besides, I think most people would rather know the true and obvious facts and be a hater than being a fan that acts delusional to the person that they’re defending.

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  1. vivi says:

    So true! More people should think like you

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