Being A Singer Was Thrust Upon Owl City’s Adam Young

Owl City 2011

Owl City’s Adam Young did an ‘Ask:Reply’ Q&A with Vevo, fielding questions from the site’s visitors about what inspired him to become a singer, what he likes to eat before performing, hip hop artists he looks up to, valuable life lessons he’s learned, how he thinks up his songs, and more. “I never really inspired to be a singer until being a singer was sort of thrust upon me,” Adam said in response to the first question. “I started programming and sequencing music in the box, in the computer, and need a vocalist at some point and nobody was around, so I thought I could give it a shot myself to save the hassle of finding somebody and suddenly they’re saying you need to go on tour and you need to play shows. So I’m thinking I’ve gotta learn how to sing because I don’t really know. I never sang before my parents or any of my friends or at church or anything, so it was really a zero to sixty thing but now that I’m a singer by trade it’s been a lot easier to own.” Watch the comments below.

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