Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Have Similar Upbringing

Ben Affleck believes he’s grown closer to fiance as he’s realized “we’re much more similar, including our upbringing, than people imagine.” He explained to The New York Daily News: “The way we grew up,” he Irish in Boston, she Puerto Rican in the Bronx, both of them public-school, middle-class kids – “we were exposed to lots of different cultures. If you juxtapose our relationship to the ones we had earlier, you’d see that I was really much more different from Gwyneth [Paltrow], this blond, upper-class, private-school girl from the upper East Side, and Jen from [Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs], who was this Horatio Alger kind of black guy who raised himself up the way he did.”

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10 thoughts on “Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Have Similar Upbringing

  1. grprincess says:

    What phonies those 2 are. Now he is saying J.Ho grew up middle class unlike P.Diddy who was a Horatio Alger kind of guy. I specifically recall them contradicting themselves. In J.Ho’s interview she acted like she grew up poor and not middle class. I also specifically remember Ben saying J.Ho had a Horatio Alger story. J.Ho acted all ghetto and now she is trying to say she is middle class.

  2. angelM says:

    Umm this is like saying that he’s like the rest of the millions of middle class girls. Come one there’s a lot of females that grew up in NY and are middle class.

  3. grprincess says:

    More lies and phoniness: 1) They both went to public school- I specifically recall hearing J.Ho went to private school. 2) J.Cow wants to raise her kids Catholic- What a hypocrite. The Catholic church does not support multiple marriages.

  4. fantasylover says:

    Gosh, SHUT UP BEN!! Can you do that? You want to know why you lost your fan base, it is because we fans would much rather hear about you and your movies instead of your stupid relationship!!!! And didn’t we hear the damn “we came from same background” speech more than a damn year ago? We GET IT! Now SHUT UP! And one more piece of advice. Irish and Puerto Rican are not the same. MILLIONS of people were born middle class and MILLIONS went to public schools. And this is America here! WE ALL get exposed to different cultures in different ways, so…NO! And SHUT UP about your relationship and promote the damn movie! And he better not complain endlessly about the media exposure when things with Jlo aren’t going so hot, when his hypocritical ass is the one that cannot stop talking about her endlessly in interviews!

  5. Carrie says:

    This is, I think, the first time he says anything nice about their relationship. My guess is that she must of given him some good nookie the night before. Maybe she’s had him on a sexual diet since he’s into dissing her every now and then. He even told the VJ on MTV that he wanted something bootilicious. Maybe she got the message. I do agree that they grew up middle class but no way could he have had the diversity she had. In the Bronx. it’s real, you have Spanish (all diff.), Black, & White friends. I know because I grew up in the upper West Side of Manhattan and had many friends from Parkchester in the Bronx.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    What is Ben Affleck trying to prove here? Haven’t we all had enough info about their backgrounds on Jen and Ben’s TV special!? I mean seriously, how much longer do they have to go on and on about how much they have in common, etc.? I believe they try too hard to keep themselves in the spotlight by promoting their relationship continuously as if it were another movie they were promoting. It’s ridiculous. Their “private” love lives are better off just being PRIVATE, not continuously promoted.

  7. EvanescenceSucks says:

    If he’s so sick of the publicity as he keeps claiming he is, he’d refuse give interviews that revolve around his relationship. It’s not that hard to say “I’m here to talk about my movie, not my girlfriend.” If you’re persistent and consistent about not answering those questions, the interviewers will eventually get the hint. It’s like giving a dog a scrap and then acting surprised when it comes back begging for more.

  8. Hotstar says:

    I HATE THEM’, ‘ Wow more proof of J.ho and Ben Affleck hypocrisy.. This bastard has been giving interviews for the past few months saying how the media attention has damaged their relationship… And here he is giving another interview about his relationship to a tabloid. Seriously these people are pure assholes, and the public has totally turned against them. And I love how all of a sudden he wants J.lo to be middle class, even though he milks the hell out of “ghetto” upbringing on the block.

  9. jazzprofounder says:

    Your right…..J.Lo makes it seem as if she has had the worse life in the Bronx while many young women in Africa are dying of AIDS and aren’t complaining about a single thing about their lifestyles with the time left they have of it. I know she’s grateful and proud of her upbringing, but she doesn’t need to make it seem like its the “ghetto”, because it’s not. Her upbringing was a common (and of course hard) lifestyle for families and other people of many races living in the Bronx during her time.

  10. sk8erchic12 says:

    he just said it because some1 I forgot said J.Lo should be back to p. diddy… he’s just trying to show that he thinks he’s tha right 4 her.

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