Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Wedding Planner Secrecy

The San Francisco Chronicle reports new details on the planning that occurred in the postponed wedding of and Ben Affleck. The report that word in catering circles is that the Bay Area’s Paula LeDuc was to have provided dinner. The Biltmore Four Seasons, largely credited elsewhere, didn’t actually have the nod. All providers of goods and services were required to sign confidentiality agreements, and weren’t even allowed to talk to on another.

The story at has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Wedding Planner Secrecy

  1. fantasylover says:

    Who cares? The wedding was postponed, now its cancelled! Get over it and get to news that is more important please. Not Popdirt, but all of the damn media that feels it is news to report on a cancelled wedding with two fame whores! Oh, and I am nearly convinced that JLo did all the “leaking” to the press and did a big drama thing with the press trying to “hunt down” the people that “betrayed” her. Please, honey. Even fans have to admit that she wants to be in the spotlight under any means necessary.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    I agree with you fantasylover. I don’t believe J. Lo truly, truly feels that her privacy is being violated. She wants the attention, she loves the attention. Even with the wedding postponed or whatever, she still wants the attention. Honestly, I am getting so sick of Ben and Jen. If it’s not official that Ben and Jen are gonna have a wedding, then what’s the point of talking about it? Who really cares? If they want to get married, they should keep it to themselves and just shut up.

  3. kaoticgurl says:

    GET OVER IT!! NOW!! THIS IS SO FREAKING PATHETIC!!!! NO ONE CARES!!! (or at least anyone important) haha.

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