Ben Affleck And Puffy In War Of Words

The Sun reports Ben Affleck responded to Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs comments earlier this week where after seeing Ben and making out, Diddy said, “You got to leave that stuff for the bedroom. I wouldn’t be caught dead kissing anyone in the street, even a hottie like J.Lo. The lady has way too much class for that.” Ben responded to the diss telling Howard Stern, “Rappers are always rapping about some bullsh**. P. Diddy should stick to what he’s good at. What is that, by the way?” Read more.

Jennifer Lopez’s PR Guy Says ‘Nobody Is Thinking Marriage’

October 3, 2002 – Cindy Adams of the New York Post spoke with Jennifer Lopez’s PR man Alan Nierob, who assured her that Lopez’s life is nothing but “work, work, work” until at least mid-2003. “Nobody is thinking marriage,” he insists in regards to rumors Lopez would marry Ben Affleck soon. Nierob says J.Lo’s new album has been pushed to a November 26 release date and her new single is getting hot radio play.

Jen And Ben Case Boston Church… For Wedding?

October 3, 2002 – E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently took a break from ‘Jersey Girl’ shooting to check out a tour of the Trinity Church and Museum in Boston. The guide offered the famous pair a more secluded area of the church so they could convene with private eucharistic élan. Some are speculating they were casing Ben’s hometown church for a future wedding.

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4 thoughts on “Ben Affleck And Puffy In War Of Words

  1. joxe says:

    God, P. diddy you’re such a fake just like j-ho and you’re telling us lies.

    1. “You got to leave that stuff for the bedroom. I wouldn’t be caught dead kissing anyone in the street, even a hottie like J.Lo.” = I saw a pic in different angle that you were kissing j-ho in front of so many people and still you were actually telling the public that you’re just friends, you can’t kiss someone so hot if you aren’t involve with that person romantically.

    2. The lady has way too much class for that.” = are you for real? she haven’t have class, she could dress alright but then she’s just a whore to everyone. You can’t forget J-ho because you’re still thinking the way she screwed you everyday and every night, get real, she dumped you for Cris, still can’t get over with that b*itch. you’re just jealous cause Ben is so much good looking than you are so why don’t you find someone for you (i sounded like a j-ho fan and Ben’s but i am not). put this to your head “SHE DUMP YOU FOR ANOTHER MAN AFTER SHE HAVE A SINGING CAREER AND SHE JUST USED YOU FOR HER SELFISH MOTIVES! SHE USED HER VAGINA SO THAT SHE COULD BE A SINGER!” YOU’RE HISTORY FOR HER AND YOU’RE SUCH AN IDIOT? STILL DAYDREAMING THAT SHE WOULD COME BACK TO YOU (OKAY SHE WILL IF SHE NEEDED YOUR HELP FOR HER ALBUM OR SINGING CAREER BUT THEN SHE WILL DUMP YOU AGAIN) AND PLEASE, SHE’S NOT YOUR BABY ANYMORE AND BEN WON’T ANSWER/DO SOME EXPLAINING TO YOU CAUSE YOU’RE NOTHING BUT THE CASE OF AN EX!”

    and to Ben, why can’t you think and feel that j-ho isn’t worth your time, are you blind or crazy, people hated your girlfriend because she’s nothing but a fake, a big butt user, an arrogant woman…….well I’m posting what i have posted before! the readers knows this!

  2. Miss_Candyrayne says:

    I wonder if that crackhead would say that mess to Puffy personally. Seriously though, Puffy needs to put the “Defend A Whore” shield down and just chill. She can’t help that she’s trashy.

  3. phantom says:

    J.ho makes idiots out all the men she screws — Tommy Mottola, Chris DUDD (except he smartened up and got out like her first ex, Noah somebody) Poof Dodo and now Ben *cough* “Afflicted” . they get what they deserve — their balls shafted up to their tonsils by her!

  4. -SunnyLou- says:

    Lol, phantom!

    And why are all these guys fighting over her??? I just don’t get it!

    What’s she got besides her big fat ass, zero talent and an attitude big enough to need it’s own zip code (I know the zip code thing’s cheesy and it’s ripped off a fat joke, but it fits so well here)?

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