Ben Affleck Didn’t Date Jennifer Lopez For Publicity

Sky News reports Matt Damon has refuted accusations that his pal Ben Affleck used his romance with to raise his profile. “Ben didn’t go into the relationship saying, ‘This will get me a lot of coverage.’ Ben was already getting plenty of work as an actor,” he said. “He didn’t need this kind of celebrity and he certainly never courted it.” In fact, Damon says the attention has made Ben “sick of himself.” Read more.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez & Guadalupe Gamble In Atlantic City

December 3, 2003 – The Philadelphia Daily News reports Ben and Jennifer flew in from Los Angeles to Atlantic City for a weekend at the Borgata, where they hosted J.Lo’s mother Guadalupe. They were put up in a pricey suite and played – together, side by side – blackjack and poker in the high rollers salon.

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6 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Didn’t Date Jennifer Lopez For Publicity

  1. grprincess says:

    What a coincidence because everyone else is sick of him as well.

  2. monarc20 says:

    If he didn’t go out with J-Lo for Publicity then J-Lo is talented….lol Really how dumb do they think they public is he’s gay anyway so how could their relationship be real…come

  3. Carrie says:

    He’s sick of himself, how could he not be when all the publicity is so negative. Maybe with this experience he’ll learn that if you’re going to be a player, don’t do it with high profile women. You can’t hide anything in this world, everything comes out.

  4. CARPEDIEM says:

    I despise Ben Affleck. He can’t act, he’s not good looking, and he’s arrogant. There is nothing appealing about him, at all. I really don’t get the public’s fascination with him.

  5. YogiBear says:

    Well he didn’t make People’s sexiest until he got with J.Lo for nothing, you know!!!!!!!! Matt Damon is kidding himself.

  6. HahaIamNotHere says:

    These two really suck together. No one is this annoyed with Beyonce and Jay-Z, who look like a great couple…I hope they take home all the Grammys they got nominated for.

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