Ben Affleck Goes Shopping With J.Lo & Buys Ferrari reports Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently went on a shopping trip, where Ben ended up spending $225,000 on a metallic blue 360 Ferrari Spider. A dealership in Coral Gables, Florida was lucky enough to sell Affleck the car on the spot.

Cris Judd Looking To Become Actor After J.Lo Split

August 11, 2002 – US Weekly reports that after his quick divorce from Jennifer Lopez, he’s leaving dancing behind and is “now doing the whole actor thing,” according to a source. Judd has been to a few auditions according to the source, and he’s not upset that J.Lo has already moved on to Ben Affleck. “He’s very happy,” said an insider. Judd was spotted earlier this month with dancer Staci Flood, who has previously dated Enrique Iglesias and appeared in his ‘Bailamos’ video.

Those Aren’t Fireworks Ben — That’s Puffy Combs

August 10, 2002 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday, “You probably saw in People magazine last week. Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck — they’re the hottest new couple. According to the tabloids, Ben Affleck told friends that every time he kisses Jennifer, he hears fireworks. Ben, that’s not fireworks. That’s Puff Daddy, he’s shooting at you.”

Jay later joked, “According to New York Post, Madonna is thinking about writing a children’s book. Apparently, this wouldn’t be the first thing she’s written. No, she’s put out a number of children’s books, but not as successful. But she’s got another one coming out. This is the first book she did. This is ‘Snow White Does The Seven Dwarfs.'”

Glow Ends Up Being Wrong Choice Of Names For J.Lo

August 10, 2002 – reports Jennifer Lopez is being sued by California-based company Glow Industries, Inc., which manufactures fragrances, skin lotions, skin moisturizers, scented mists, soaps, candles, scented oils, and bubble baths under the Glow name and sells them in department stores nationwide. The lawsuit claims Lopez and fragrance company Coty, Inc. engaged in trademark infringement, dilution of trademark, unfair competition, and that they violated the Lanaham Act.

‘Jersey Girl’ Being Filmed In Philadelphia

August 9, 2002 – The Philadelphia Daily News reports that shooting for the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck starring ‘Jersey Girl’ will begin in a couple weeks — in Philly. Lots of shooting will be done in the former Navy Yard, at the Business Center, and at the Famous Deli. Some shooting in New Jersey as well. The shooting in Philly will be passed off to moviegoers as New York.

J.Lo’s Ex Doing Club Circuit With Hard-Partying Aguilera

August 9, 2002 – The New York Post reports Cris Judd has signed on with Roklin management in Los Angeles and, according to pals, “He is very keen to get into acting.” Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband has also been hitting the Los Angeles club circuit hard. “He has been going out every night to the Lounge and AD, and is just having a good time,” said a source. “He and a bunch of people always go back to Christina Aguilera’s house to keep partying after the clubs shut.”

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