Ben Affleck In Control Of Jennifer Lopez?

While many think Ben Affleck is being controlled by Jennifer Lopez, a source tells the New York Post it’s actually the other way around, leaving some to wonder what will happen with J.Lo’s longtime manager Benny Medina. “People think Jennifer controls Ben, but it’s really the other way around,” the source said. “She sees him as this smart guy who can show her how to do things. It was the same when she was dating Puff – she took all of Puff’s best people including Benny.”

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Homebodies

June 2, 2003 – Us Weekly reports Jennifer and Ben are homebodies who would rather stay home in their living room than pose on red carpets. “For them, it is about life, loyalty and love,” a source said. “After all the paparazzi have stopped shooting and the autographs have been signed, they get behind closed doors and act like a normal couple. Their biggest joy comes from the simple things. It’s the great secret that only they share.”

Monaco Grand Prix Deny J.Lo Over Money Demands

May 30, 2003 – Jennifer Lopez has been dropped from appearing at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday (June 1) after she demanded $400,000 just to attend. “I know Miss Lopez is supposed to have a reputation as a bit of a diva but this is ridiculous,” an event organizer told The Sun. “When she came back and said she would do it for [$400,000], we nearly choked.”

Jennifer Lopez Chats With Rick Dees

May 30, 2003 – Jennifer was on the Rick Dees hotline on Friday. She called from the set of her new movie ‘An Unfinished Life’ with Morgan Freeman and Robert Redford. J.Lo chatted about ‘Gigli’, which stars her fiance Ben Affleck, her restaurant Madre’s, and her new song ‘I’m Glad’ and its inspiration. Audio has since been removed.

Jennifer Lopez’s Baby Clothes Buy Was For ‘Sis

May 30, 2003 – Jennifer’s manager Benny Medina insisted to the New York Daily News that his client is “not pregnant” and that the clothes she and Ben Affleck bought at Burberry in Las Vegas were for her older sister Leslie’s children.

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