Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Don’t Mind Being Photographed

The New York Daily News spoke with a photographer after Ben Affleck and were photographed kissing during a workout at the end of the week in Winnipeg. “They don’t seem to mind being photographed,” said the unnamed snapper. “Everything they do is public relations.” The flap between the pair has been blown out of proportion, insists a pal of J.Lo who says, “Her attitude about the whole strip club thing is she knew he was going. What’s the big deal?”

Dances With Male Mortals

August 9, 2003 – Us Weekly reports Jennifer fulfilled some Dolce male patrons fantasies by agreeing to dance with them on a solo night out in Hollywood with her hairdresser Oribe and makeup artist Scott Barnes. “A lot of guys were trying to dance with her, and she’d dance with them,” a source revealed. “She was definitely trying to make herself noticed.” A friend of J.Lo’s explained, “She’s been working so hard, she just wanted to have fun for the night.” While J.Lo and fiance Ben Affleck have put up a romantic public front since Ben was caught at a strip club and allegedly had sex with a few strippers, an insider says, “The anguish is behind the scenes.”

To Do Live Radio Broadcast In Detroit

August 9, 2003 – Contributed by adamsgirl69: On Monday (August 11th), it has been announced that Jennifer will be taking over Channel 95.5 in Detroit Radio DJ Buckhead’s night shift and doing a live, on-the-air show! She will be playing her favorite songs and it is rumored that she may discuss the Ben Affleck rumors regarding the strippers. Unfortunately there is no live stream at

Jennifer Lopez Returning To Endeavor Camp

August 8, 2003 – Contributed by lopez_lover: Less than two months after joining CAA, Jennifer is heading back to Endeavor and former agent Patrick Whitesell, with whom she had been since October. She continues to remain with her managers at the Firm, where she signed in June just days after moving to CAA in a housecleaning move that saw her fire not only Endeavor but her manager Benny Medina at Handprint Entertainment.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Bomb-Making Skills

August 8, 2003 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Wednesday: “North Korea and Iran are close to having nuclear warheads. If they really want to make a huge bomb – they just need Ben and J.Lo.”

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4 thoughts on “Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Don’t Mind Being Photographed

  1. XxmissyxX says:

    of course they don’t mind now that he’s been accused of cheating. they just wanna prove they’re the all American perfect happy couple. ugh as if

  2. Arman80 says:

    They don’t mind because that’s the only way they can gain fame. They don’t make movies worth watching and they can’t sing, so the only way they can remain in the spotlight is through controversy. It’s sad that they need all this hype to stay out of has been-ville!

  3. Carrie says:

    I was kind of hoping they stuck with each other. It doesn’t appear that way no matter how much they try otherwise. He doesn’t love her. What guy who truly loves his woman would have sex with strippers in a private home. He obviously was trying to tell Lopez that he doesn’t want to marry her. It’s fishy and deliberate. It’s so sad that she had to go waste her time with Affleck and it’s going to end up nowhere.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    Of course they don’t mind getting photographed! Like someone said, they just want to attempt another tabloid thing to make us believe they are STILL the happy all-American couple. And J.Lo is the one that’s complaining about the paparazzi photographing her too much when she’s in need of privacy. I know she has a right as much as anyone else…well..she’s a celebrity, so part of that right is somewhat broken. But anyways, she needs to stop complaining and whining about the media photographing her so much. She knows that she needs them as much as they need her. And besides, the reason why the media photographs her so much is because she’s purposely out strolling somewhere where anyone can see her, exposing her personal life so much for attention, and probably having all the windows to her house open so the media could watch her get dress! I am not saying that I hate J.lo or anything, she has a great talent, but I dislike her for her ignorance…she needs to learn to at least be grateful. She asked for the attention, and even though things blow out of proportions, she needs to learn to strap on tight and just accept that fact that SHE IS A CELEBRITY.

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