Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez To Marry In Rio de Janeiro?

Contributed by BiancaBR:

Ben Affleck gave an interview to a Brazilian TV Show Called ‘Fantastico’ and when asked about his wedding plans with fiance , Ben said that they’re thinking about getting married in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and then he said laughing, “But I won’t talk anymore about it or else, everybody over there will show up.” He also said that despite tabloid gossip, his wedding with Latin Diva J.Lo is still up in the air. “I don’t know exactly when its gonna happen, but it will be really soon,” he said. Once again referring to Brazil, Affleck said that the best movie he saw recently was a Brazilian Movie called ‘City Of God.’

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7 thoughts on “Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez To Marry In Rio de Janeiro?

  1. OohSexxy says:

    BLAH! Who cares! why don’t they just get married already geez

  2. fantasylover says:

    ***** I know. These two imbeciles want attention so bad! They aren’t promoting anything about movies or music or whatever, they just talk about their goddamn wedding plans!! Why don’t THEY just leave US the ***** alone! I am sorry, but I am sick of these two it isn’t even funny anymore! Go the hell away!

    Oh, and one more thing! If these two jerks insult people’s intelligence by saying “oh we want our privacy and we are sick of the attention” when they talk about wedding plans, I am going to scream! They don’t want attention, they can go the ***** away! But don’t say you don’t want attention when we hear wedding plans from you every damn week!!

  3. BiancaBR says:

    I saw the interview,he is too cute..such a shame he is being used (and he is using) by J-Lo ,but anyway,if they were to marry over here in Rio de Janeiro,they’d probably have a peaceful wedding because people don’t give a sh** about them over here.

  4. MariahsMan says:

    “But I won’t talk anymore about it or else, everybody over there will show up.” Umm…Ben…no one cares…

  5. Carrie says:

    Ben has turned into such a joke. He should be straight forward and say – I’m not getting married. I’d rather ***** strippers and we’d all have more respect for him period.

  6. SunChick says:

    Why don’t they just break up already? Everyone knows it’s gonna happen soon anyway…

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah really…i bet he WANTS the whole world to show up or else he wouldn’t be talking about his wedding plans.

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