Ben Affleck Knew Jennifer Lopez Wasn’t The Girl For Him

The New York Daily News spoke with a source close to Ben Affleck and about their recent split and halted wedding, which they blamed on the prying press. “Ben didn’t want it to look like he dumped her,” the source explained. “But now that he’s had time to think, he knows in his heart that Jennifer isn’t the girl for him. Jennifer was furious when he didn’t come to Miami. She pulled off her engagement ring and went to a nightclub with friends in South Beach.”

Partying In Miami

September 15, 2003 – Jennifer has spent weekend on Miami with her friends partying in night club. The star was spotted by paparazzi while leaving the club. She wasn’t wearing her engagement ring given to her by Ben Affleck.

Is Boring

September 15, 2003 – An anonymous source who interviews celebrities for press junkets spoke with The New York Post about Jennifer, who the source labeled as “dull. She is so boring. She arrived an hour late and said her favorite book was something like ‘Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much.’ She doesn’t read, she doesn’t watch TV or movies – nothing.”

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8 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Knew Jennifer Lopez Wasn’t The Girl For Him

  1. Carrie says:

    All I can say is that Ben is a total selfish a-3hole that deserves something coming to him. I don’t care what J LO’s done in the past. She didn’t deserve this kind of humiliation. If she wasn’t for him, what the hell did he give her an engagement ring for. He’s total trash. Just because he’s good looking & rich he thinks he can step on whoever he wants. I hope something of deep pain (maybe not in the girl dept.) comes to him. I can’t wait. Can’t stand this idiot. I bet he would of never pulled this stunt on a white girl.

    She had it coming to her but it’s just so damn humiliating what he’s done to her. Maybe she feels she deserved this abuse and let it happen. She needs to see a psych. before she moves on to someone else, really. Look how bad Ben has been (I tell you he’s a DOG): Rumored to have an affair with Jen Garner while J LO was filming the Maid movie. A blind item in December where he was caught with a girl in the bathroom doing their thing. J Lo furious with him over Uma Thurman while he was filming Paycheck. Guess he must of been up to something with Uma cause she’s on the brink of divorcing Ethan Hawke. The stripper scandal. The dumping days before the wedding. Big mama’s boy who has to ask his mom permission if he should marry J Lo. Today’s paper says he’s all ready partying with galpals – his assistant no less. The man really needs something coming to him. We now know J Lo is paying for her share of mistakes.

  2. MariahsMan says:

    Carrie…you said just because Ben is good looking and rich doesn’t mean he can step all over people, which is true. But J Lo should learn the same lesson.

  3. promisemewings says:

    Maybe both Ben and Jennifer need to take time off to find out what they both want out of life. They both need to seriously grow up.

  4. fantasylover says:

    Carrie, I usually agree with you, but this time I have to disagree with this one. JLo has publicly humiliated all of her past loves, the most recent one being Cris Judd, but even though she has made them look stupid, she doesn’t deserve to feel the same humiliation as they had? I think Jlo is just getting her just desserts and Ben happens to be the one to do it! Cris said that Karma is coming back to her after the stripper incident took place, and I agree, because she seemed to do the same stepping on as Ben is doing to her right now! But if she did love Ben, then I do feel sorry for her in that aspect, but maybe she needed to be dumped, maybe it would have saved her from another inevitable divorce, and maybe she would be more careful about what she does in her love life and understand how much it hurts to just be dumped like that. But hey, we don’t even know if they have even broken up!

  5. babet says:

    he should of thought of that before he gave her the f**kin ring. a-hole. if none of this went as far as the engagement…j-lo wouldn’t be ridiculed as much as she is now. I feel sorry for her… the moment Ben pushed her to fire her manager was the moment she should have dumped his ass. j-lo should go back to P.Diddy or something….they made a more compatible couple.

  6. willow84 says:

    I think Ben has never been able to look past their differences, racially. one day I heard him say that he thought the reason they have so much media hype surrounding them is because they are of different races. personally I don’t think their race has anything to do with all the hype but obviously Ben can’t look past it.

  7. grprincess says:

    Seems like Ben came to his senses. Good thing he dumped her before she marries him, cheats on him and dumps him like she did with Cris.

  8. Smile says:

    I do not keep up with Jennifer’s personal life at all so this might be a dumb question but I’m curious on why people feel this way. Why do you say she had this coming? When Chris and her divorced, she was probably hurt as well as him.

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