Ben Affleck Rep Sez Tab Hits B.Lo The Belt

The New York Daily News reports Ben Affleck’s reps are furiously denying a report in the National Enquirer that the actor stepped out on fiance with strippers in Canada. The tabloid alleges that Affleck carried on with strippers that night – both in the club and later at actor Christian Slater’s rented Vancouver home and handed cash to some of them, saying, “Keep this quiet. Keep this between just us.” Affleck’s lawyer, Martin Singer, told the Daily News, “Our position is the story is absolutely false. Ben is going to evaluate all his legal options.” Another rep for Affleck added, “The story is total garbage.”

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Defend ‘Gigli’

July 29, 2003 – WENN reports Jennifer spoke out on the negative publicity surrounding her new film ‘Gigli’ with fiance Ben at the film’s Hollywood premiere. “I believe that this is a good movie,” Lopez said. “I know we did great work on it. I’m proud of Ben in the movie, I’m proud of the stuff I did, I think there is some great writing and really funny stuff. I just hope that everybody comes out to enjoy it because it’s a lot of fun to watch.” Her fiance added, “The movie will always have a certain kind of significance for me, regardless of the usual concerns you have about a movie – if it performs commercially or critically or what-have-you. This movie will always be important and a landmark event in my life, you know, and that’s enough.”

Ben And Jen In ‘Gigli’: What Were They Thinking?

July 29, 2003 – Roger Friedman of reviewed and fiance Ben Affleck’s new movie ‘Gigli’, and confirmed the early buzz that it is a bomb. Friedman said, “The film – if you can call it that – is a total, mindless disaster. Sitting in a screening last night with reviewers and feature writers, I could only think of one word: stupefying. As many who were there muttered on the way out: ‘What were they thinking?'” Read more.

Ben’s Birthday Surprise For Jen Got Her Emotional

July 29, 2003 – Extra caught up with and Ben Affleck at the premiere of ‘Gigli’ in Hollywood on Sunday. For Jen’s 33rd birthday last week, Ben flew in her whole family. She said, “He really caught me on the emotional. I shed a little tear.”

Behind The Scenes of J.Lo’s New Perfume Photo Shoot

July 29, 2003 – Contributed by lopez_lover: Entertainment Tonight went go behind the scenes of the ultra-glamorous photo shoot for J.Lo’s fresh new perfume ‘Still Jennifer Lopez’. Jen worked with legendary photographer Nick Knight for the advertising campaign – which features the camera-friendly star in some intimate shots, with both light and shade illuminating her provocative poses.

Real-Life Lovers Rarely Heat Up The Screen

July 29, 2003 – Real-life Hollywood couples usually generate more sparks in gossip columns than on screen. As the world waits to see how famous fiances Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez fare in ‘Gigli,’ the odds are stacked against them writes Jami Bernard of the New York Daily News.

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