Ben Affleck’s A Fan Of J.Lo’s Chief Rival Mariah Carey

Star magazine reports that Jennifer Lopez was shocked to learn boyfriend Ben Affleck owned several Mariah Carey albums. J.Lo rolled her eyes and asked Ben, “Do you really LIKE these?” Ben squirmed his way out of the situation saying they were gifts. While Lopez left it go, friends of Affleck say she would hit the roof if she knew he used to play Carey’s music all the time.

Sony Not Excited About Reports Jennifer Lopez Is Prego

September 20, 2002 – The Daily Star reports that while Jennifer may be delighted to reportedly be two months pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby, her record company, Sony are not. Despite the official veil of silence from Sony, if true, J.Lo’s baby will be due at the same time she is meant to be releasing a new record, and therefor she won’t be able to promote it.

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8 thoughts on “Ben Affleck’s A Fan Of J.Lo’s Chief Rival Mariah Carey

  1. joxe says:

    Ha ha ha, if this is true and not just a rumor then i wanna see what will happen if j-ho would find out that Ben really likes Mariah.

    It seems that j-ho can’t believe that her bf’s like Mariah, hmm, it will hurt, it’s like it’s a slap on her face!

  2. mcfan says:

    what a stupid question… if people like J-ho’s music, they will certainly like Mariah’s, whose voice sounds like an angel’s.

  3. RNela says:

    Mariah can sing – the whole world knows that. I don’t know why would Jennifer be surprised by it. Mariah gets a lot of respect for her talent.

  4. JuniorGirl04 says:

    I don’t even understand how Mariah is supposed to be her chief rival. They’re on two totally different levels- real talent vs. good marketing.

  5. eLgato says:

    This is what happened. Mariah was like the first non-black female pop star (arguably, she’s considered half black) to have rappers on her songs. She’s had Jay Z, Puff Daddy, Bone, Snoop Dogg, etc. Then Jennifer Lopez came. Tommy Mottola marketed her the same way he did Mariah. Notice they kind of have the same look. So Mariah wanted to collaborate with Ja Rule. Supposedly, when Jennifer heard this she rushed to work with Ja Rule first. That pissed Mariah off. So they don’t like each other. In my opinion, Jennifer’s no competition for Mariah. It’s Mariah’s world, we just live in it. Keep ya head up, girl.

    Jennifer Lopez is a slut. She’s married, then divorced. Then she dates Puffy and claims she’s “down”. Her first album goes platinum. Then she starts cheating with Chris Judd while still with Puffy. Now she’s a “Bronx Latina only.” Then she marries Judd. Then she cheats with Ben Affleck before she’s divorced from Judd. Now she’s rumored to be thinkin’ about kids with him? Keep your legs closed for at least a couple of months for once, OK Jennifer?

    And I’m not gonna call her J. Lo. That’s not her name, her mom didn’t name her that. Hooray for the boycott of all things Jennifer Lopez. Mariah may use her biracialness to help her, but at least she never denies who she is. Jennifer however is “down” when it helps her to be and just “Latina” when it doesn’t.

  6. joxe says:

    elgato, i wanted to correct you, please don’t get mad, when Mariah did a remix for her fantasy single, she wanted ODB to rap on it, and her idea is that that remix should be in her daydream album and should be the original track not the one who was release way back then but because Tommy objected that idea and he said, she shouldn’t jump from pop to hip-hop because her sales are not that big when it comes to black market, he opposed on that and so that’s it! then he didn’t want her to be marketed as a hip-hop singer, he wanted her to stick into this girl-next-door image who just sings ballads and stuffs like that and you know what happens next!

  7. Loverboy says:

    I think we should all buy an extra copy of “Mariah” and mail it to J.Lo and tell her, “Dear J.Lo, we hope you enjoy our little gift, and we also hope that one day, maybe one day, you will learn how to sing. And also, this way, you do not have to go to Tommy to steal Mariah’s music. Here it is, see what you can do.”

    Now that I think about it, maybe the reason MC is releasing a ballad is probably she knows that J.Lo cannot steal her ballads. No rappers to hid her voice man!

  8. Mickj23qq says:

    OMG so what I’m a guy and I own Mariah albums… Just because Mariah is better than J.Lo and is her competitor, she doesn’t need to say “do you really like these?” because in reality YES WE LOVE MARIAH!


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