Ben Affleck’s Flirting Steams Jennifer Lopez

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue last night, “ made a surprise trip — she made a surprise trip to the set of Ben Affleck’s latest movie, because she heard rumors that Affleck was flirting with his female co-star. [Audience oohs] Yeah. In fact, J.Lo said she was so mad, she’ll probably only marry Affleck once.”

Dave Meyers: J.Lo In Complete Control Of Her Career

July 16, 2003 – Music video director Dave Meyers spoke with Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith about directing the new video, ‘The One’, featuring Joe Budden. Meyers has also directed J.Lo’s ‘All I Have,’ ‘I’m Real’ and ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’, and says the singer/actress “is very, very in touch with what’s going on. That woman is in complete control of her career and I think succeeding because of it. She definitely comes with ideas a lot of times on the videos. It’s like ‘Hey, I want to be in the hood…or the Midwest…or in ‘Flashdance.’ She puts you in the ballpark. For ‘The One,’ she mentioned being in Little Havana. You can pretty much guess that any artist that’s at the top generally already has a vision of some sort.”

To Write Autobiography

July 16, 2003 – reports that Jennifer is plotting an autobiography in an effort to clear up all the gossip about her. “She is just a hard-working actress and singer who happens to attract all the wrong headlines,” confirmed a friend. “She feels all her hard work gets overlooked because of her lifestyle and relationships.”

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