Ben Affleck’s Second Thoughts About Wedding

Friends suggested to the New York Daily News that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez – especially Affleck – might be having doubts about committing to each other, despite claims that blamed the media for their wedding postponement. “I think they have cold feet,” said a wedding guest, who was told not to fly from New York to the planned nuptials Sunday in Santa Barbara, California. “Friends have been urging Ben to take it slow. They were under too much pressure. I think the romance will survive. But Ben is having real second thoughts.”

Legal Problems Halt Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s Marriage

11, 2003 – Jay Leno joked about the postponement of the Jennifer and Ben wedding during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night. Jay said, “The wedding has been postponed. It was supposed to be this weekend. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I got the call today. It’s been postponed. It’s not off, it’s been postponed. Turns out, there may be some last-minute legal problems. It seems she may have married Ben before. They’re rechecking the records.”

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3 thoughts on “Ben Affleck’s Second Thoughts About Wedding

  1. OohSexxy says:

    Ben should of been having second thoughts the first time he met her, she has a track record. There is just too much going on with these two which leads me to believe that they wont last, if they’re so much in love they shouldn’t have even waited this long they should of done it already , why let the media stop you from having your big day? why does it have to be such a big event? If these two love each other they will get married surrounded by immediate family & friends,or maybe they postponed it to throw the media off who knows they just need to get married already so there is no talk of them until she’s pregnant which I think is likely to happen because she is so head over heals for Ben and really wants to have his baby!

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    “The official reason for the stunning cancellation was that the press had ruined what was supposed to be the Hollywood marriage of the decade by turning it into a media circus.” Maybe if Jen and Ben didn’t promote so much attention on themselves to begin with last summer (with the movie flop Gigli and their “Jen Loves Ben” TV special”) just maybe it wouldn’t have been a media circus. If you ask me, Ben and Jen have made themselves into the media circus (as well as the media of course). They need to stop putting the blame on the media all the time for their problems, they wanted the attention, so they got it, and need to learn to just take the price. By now I thought they would just soak up the fact that they are celebrities and that whatever they do, especially when they are together, that its gonna be a circus. Why do they have to make it the wedding of the decade, for once why can’t it be the true MARRIAGE of the decade?

  3. ClarissaT says:

    Jazzp, I completely agree with your insights. On a lighter note, isn’t this situation a great example of Karma at its best? Jen has a history of rushing in and out of marriages like lightning, she obviously doesn’t take them seriously. so, now she can’t seem to get married at a time when she so desperately wants to (blaming the media is SUCH a weak excuse). Ben, at one point, announced that anyone over 30 who wasn’t thinking about getting married is immature (paraphrased), he now has cold feet. Nice, real nice.

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