Ben And Dayanara React To Jen And Marc Wedding

Dayanara Torres learned Marc Anthony, her ex-husband of just four days, and Jennifer Lopez were married from press accounts, The New York Daily News reports. “Her family is saying, ‘Good riddance’ to him,” a source revealed. “I think it’s cruel for Marc to remarry so quickly like this. But maybe it brings Dayanara some peace.” The source added that the former Miss Universe “always said that their problems had to do with Jennifer. She thought that Marc was hung up on her. Marc insisted, ‘No, we’re just friends. That was all in the past’.” Meanwhile, J.Lo’s ex Ben Affleck flashed two thumbs up yesterday when asked by Us magazine how he felt about her Saturday wedding.

Jennifer Lopez Surprises Everybody With Marc Anthony Wedding

June 6, 2004 – The New York Daily News has more details behind Jennifer’s apparent marriage to Marc Anthony at her Los Angeles estate on Saturday, which both Us Weekly and People magazines are reporting. Lopez spokesman Rob Shuter told the Daily News, “I can’t confirm or deny” the wedding. But a Lopez friend said: “I believe they did get married. They invited a lot of people over to her house this afternoon. All of Marc’s family and Jennifer’s family was in town. They came over to her house about 4 p.m. They thought they were going to a barbecue. I think she surprised everybody.”

J.Lo And Marc Anthony’s Engagement Not Official Yet

June 3, 2004 – According to the upcoming issue of People magazine, Marc Anthony is in love with Jennifer Lopez. The magazine has exclusive photos of the couple looking very cozy. Assistant Managing Editor Peter Castro tells ‘Extra’ that Lopez has been sporting a big rock on her finger, courtesy of Anthony. But the couple claims it’s only a “friendship ring.” Castro revealed, “The engagement is not official yet, but he’s been looking for rings. She grew up in the Bronx. He grew up in Upper Manhattan. They both are musicians. They have a cultural bond.”

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9 thoughts on “Ben And Dayanara React To Jen And Marc Wedding

  1. MCkiwiLamb says:

    No words can can describe my utter disbelief. Even I didn’t think she is this stupid.

  2. justincaseyestwo says:

    Jennifer Lopez is in SERIOUS need of some kind of very deep therapy. How can somebody so successful be so blind to her own personal actions. I am dumbfounded. Does she NOT see the pattern that the WHOLE REST OF THE WORLD is seeing?

  3. Kizzardkid says:

    J lo J lo, you make me laugh, and Marc, you’re stupid, but hey its been 3 marriages for the both of you, 2 for Marc but he got married twice to the same girl.

  4. galleta says:

    Usually people that are in the spotlight and who have the means to get counseling help rarely do. Its amazing to me how Jennifer, Michael, Britney, have such major problems in their character problems the world sees yet they don’t see it and the people around them don’t tell them the truth, wow if having money and fame makes you a complete retard I don’t want either. I would rather live in the real world rather than live in a bubble totally oblivious to what is real. Jennifer is one messed up chick.

  5. YogiBear says:

    3 kids from Marc Anthony and Jho’s third marriage… sounds like the perfect couple to me… hahahahahaha! they are so sad!

  6. Addicted2Gossip says:

    News reporter’s are laughing about this..Everyone’s laughing at them.

  7. Mehrunisa says:

    It’s their lives!!! We may not agree with their choices, but it’s really non of our business! Everyone, the media and the people, should concentrate on their own lives and leave J. Lo, Marc, Ben and Dayanara alone to make THEIR OWN mistakes and search for happiness. Who made any of us the judge and the jury on their lives???? Make sure that your own life is perfect before judging others.

  8. aligia says:

    Ben’s reaction -thumbs up- to JLo’s marriage is the worst that can happen to a woman once madly in love with a guy and wanting to spend a whole life with. One the other hand, its so difficult to meet your soul mate when everyone is attracted at his own imagination of how you are or should be.

  9. Hotstar says:

    I think this is a hasty decision but I have no problem and can not judge J.Lo for following her heart, my problem is with Marc Anthony who really should have waited a little longer than ONE WEEK after his divorce was finalized. His ex-wife is the mother of 2 of his kids and she and they deserve better……. But like I have already said, I think this marriage won’t make it to 2005.

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