Ben And Jen Won’t Be The Next Madonna And Sean

WENN reports Ben Affleck is determined to prove that he and fiance aren’t the new and Sean Penn by making their marriage work. “I understand what happens,” he said. “I made that agreement when I became an actor. Sean Penn was married to Madonna when I was 15 years old, and I was aware that the media got crazy about stuff like that. I didn’t think I’d ever become that person, but I can’t say that I was duped, or tricked or didn’t know that there was this side of the media. If you let it get to you it can ruin everything.”

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3 thoughts on “Ben And Jen Won’t Be The Next Madonna And Sean

  1. Tig says:

    What a comparison, Jennifer Lopez, what can I say about u, that has not been said, maybe, cheating Latin tramp, getting engaged while you are still married, What she needs to do is learn from Madonna how to be a lady. How a bible or some religion may assist her with keeping her fat legs closed. How, maybe she should have tried to work it out with her last 2 husbands, and not chasing rappers with lots of money, The difference in J Lo and Madonna, is Madonna has had 25 years at the top and she will not stop, she is an icon, Jennifer Lopez, will go down in history as a Latin Slut, with an appetite for men and destruction.

  2. YogiBear says:

    Ben and Jen SUCK!!’, ‘The reason why Madge and Sean didn’t work because he’s a volatile man. I think could’ve worked it out but she was definitely into her career and Sean hates the Hollywood machine. Tabloids didn’t ruin their marriage, they did it to themselves. Unlike Ben and Jen, they seem to live for the tabloids, so who knows. as long as the media seems to be interested in them, they’ll stay a couple.

  3. Carrie says:

    I think if Sean would not have been volatile, Madonna and him would of been together for many years. That was true love and all her fans including myself felt it. They both really loved each other. I would bet Sean still loves her, he just couldn’t deal with her fame. As for Ben n Jen, I think J Lo is in love but not Ben. She’s going to suffer hard if she doesn’t drop him. She should run off like Julia Roberts did to Kiefer back in the 90’s. This man is going to really hurt her emotionally. At least all her fans felt P Diddy loved her although he cheated on her. Ben seems like a real hypocrite. He’s into it for the publicity. Jeez – why doesn’t he go after Britney or Garner. I’m a J Lo fan and I hate him all ready. Personally, I’d rather see her with Diddy because he truly loves her and he’s made sure the world knows.

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