Ben And Jen’s ‘Jersey Girl’ Wedding

WENN reports and Ben Affleck stunned onlookers after stepped out of a church in New Jersey dressed as bride and groom. But it was just a scene from their new movie ‘Jersey Girl’. Sources on the set of film say that after director Kevin Smith yelled “Cut!”, the pair kept on kissing. Lopez then sat in Affleck’s lap to watch the playback. An eyewitness says, “They looked all lovey-dovey. She couldn’t keep her hands off him.”

‘Great Publicity’ Behind J.Lo And Ben Affleck Romance

October 2, 2002 – Cindy Adams of the New York Post seems to be questioning the motivations between the hot new romance between and Ben Affleck, refuting talk that the couple will soon get married. An insider told her, “Please . . . they’re together in one movie which is opening and there’s another after that so . . . please . . . the relationship will keep going . . . but . . . please.”

Stay In Your Room While Mommy Plays Slots

October 2, 2002 – The New York Post reports Ben Affleck and his girlfriend Jennifer were spotted at the Trump Marina in Atlantic City with Lopez’s mother, who played the slots while the couple stayed in their room.

Jennifer Lopez Scatters Rose Petals For Ben Affleck

October 1, 2002 – Stu Bykofsky of the Philadelphia Daily News reports Jennifer arranged to have the petals of 50 dozen roses scattered around the lavish penthouse she shares with boyfriend Ben Affleck in Philadelphia. The couple is renting the Phoenix pad for $17,000 a month.

Jennifer Lopez Digs For Gold On A Nasal Safari

October 1, 2002 – The Globe has a photo of Jennifer picking her nose on the set of ‘Jersey Girl’. The tab cracked, “We don’t know if she has a winner on her hands from her nasal safari, but there’s no doubt that her upcoming flick could turn out to be hot snot at the box office!”

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