Ben Comments On Attention Surrounding J.Lo Romance

Ben Affleck has not let all the publicity around his relationship with hinder his work. “I sort of block it out just in general. I don’t read those magazines,” he tells the CBS Early Show. “I never did. I always wondered who is out there reading, like, Bat Boy is Back or the alien stories in the supermarket or the ones where they make up some spat between some couple. Now I see people in the supermarket checking out the tabloids and I’m like, ‘don’t read that! Don’t give them your money!’” And yet it is not just in tabloids. He says, “It seems weird, a little bit embarrassing, because it seems like an awful lot of attention for not much, really. I sort of try to ignore. My sense is that it’s subsided now and it is nice to be promoting a movie that I really like, that’s really good. And I feel like there’s only so much more you can say about Jen and I, and life kind of goes on.” Watch the interview here.

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5 thoughts on “Ben Comments On Attention Surrounding J.Lo Romance

  1. babyface0192 says:

    I seen that interview yesterday when it was on and I though it was funny when he said he was marrying Matt

  2. lopez_lover says:

    As much as I dislike Ben, I have to admit that I like watching interviews with him.

  3. getalifeyall says:

    I love that Jlo isn’t saying anything and is letting Ben make himself look like a complete idiot. I have such respect for Jlo it ain’t funny. She may love Ben, but she’s coming out of this still on top, while Ben is shooting himself in the foot. God men are stupid sometimes. Thank the lord there’s smart women around to take advantage of them and make them look like the assholes they are.

  4. grprincess says:

    J.Ho is smart-she is letting Ben take the fall of the negative press

  5. Carrie says:

    I agree. She probably won’t ever mention his name again in public. At one point when she used to be questioned about Puffy, she’d respond “old News”. With Ben, she’ll probably respond “Pass” or “Next”. If I were her I’d taken that ring off awhile ago to show the world hey I’m with him but I’m not getting married at least she’d feel better. He probably has her convinced to keep the ring on until their movie wraps. It’s a shame when people have to live such a lie. She’s paying hard for her past crimes. I don’t ever want to imagine loving someone who doesn’t love me in return. Even more painful it’s going to be when he finally finds the one he wants to marry. She’ll be hurting inside for a long time no matter who she moves on to.

    He’s an arrogant airhead but you can’t take away his 1) looks (he’s got gorgeous features) and 2) his intelligence. Hopefully one day he’ll sort himself out and not be a fake. Maybe by the time he’s 40 he’ll grow up.

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