Benji Continues His Quest For A Date With Christina Aguilera

Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden again talked about his desire to date on Tuesday’s MTV Total Request Live. Before introducing The Donnas video, Benji said, “These girls have been workin’ hard for a long time so congratulations to them. If Christina says no I might try to ask one of these girls out.” Later when talking with Mini-Me Verne Troyer, Benji said, “I’m working on getting a date with Christina Aguilera she hasn’t answered me yet, but do think I have a chance?” Verne said, “I might be able to hook you up.” Before introducing her ‘Dirrty’ video at #3, Benji said, “Your next request from my girl Christina Aguilera and, Vern, over the break I asked him for advice on how I could maybe get a date with Christina. He said flowers and candy never hurts and I dressed up for you Christina look at me wearin’ a tie, i never do that. #3 Christina Aguilera I’m waitin’ for you to call, girl wha’ssup ‘Dirrty’.”

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