Benni Cinkle ‘Gotta Get Out’ Video

Benni Cinkle 'Gotta Get Out'

Benni Cinkle, also known as “That Girl in Pink” from Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ music video, has released the music video for ‘Gotta Get Out’, which is available now on iTunes. Benni is donating a portion of the proceeds to a charity organization she supports, Children of the Night.

Children of the Night Founder and President, Dr. Lois Lee, spoke on Benni’s generous donation to their worthy cause explaining that “Benni embodies the spirit, the guts and the tenacity required for an individual to change the world.”

Benni says the new single is about feeling different from everyone else and longing to escape the life others expect you to live. “A lot of kids feel like they’re trapped at home,” Benni explained. “I want to tell those kids it’s okay. You can be what you want to be. Really, what my non-profit is all about is that there is hope and there is always something to look forward to.”

Watch it via MTV below.

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