Bennifer’s Steamy Sex Wasn’t Enough To Stop Breakup

Globe magazine reports Ben Affleck jetted from Europe to Miami in a desperate bid to stop his fiance Jennifer Lopez from dumping him, having a steamy hours-long sexathon, but it wasn’t enough to keep J.Lo from calling off the wedding. “Fantastic sex was the glue that always kept Ben and J.Lo together,” said a frend. “They both have incredible tempers and when they flared, you were sure it was all over between them. But then they’d disappear into the bedroom and, when they came out, they were all lovey-dovey again.” But when Affleck headed to Sundance last month, he did so without Lopez. “And on January 20th, she called the whole thing off,” a pal explained. “This time, their steamy sex wasn’t enough to make up for their problems.”

Robert Luketic Talks About Working With Jennifer Lopez

February 8, 2004 – Contributed by lopez_lover: Box Office Mojo has spoken with Robert Luketic, director of his next movie project ‘Monster-In-Law’ with Jennifer and Jane Fonda. Luketic said they’re starting shooting this movie in April this year. Asked, how did he find working with J.Lo, he said: “We talk a lot to each other. I’ve spoken to every director she has worked with and they all say she is a force. She will give you every thing she has because she really wants to be a good actor, and she is a good actor.”

Jennifer Lopez To Be Downplayed In ‘An Unfinished Life’

February 5, 2004 – A source close to the production of ‘An Unfinished Life’ tells Jeannette Walls of that the filmmakers are looking for ways to “minimize” Jennifer’s role in the film. “She’s central to the movie – she plays Redford’s daughter-in-law and she moves in with him – but with all the fallout from ‘Gigli’ and from Bennifer, they’re trying to emphasize the other characters as much as they can,” the source explained. “It’s a drama, and right now, Jennifer Lopez is not seen as a serious, dramatic actress and it might be a tough sell to audiences. When it comes to marketing the movie, don’t be surprised if Jennifer is not used as the major selling point.” That may be difficult though with the press-shy Robert Redford co-starring with Lopez in the flick. Read more.

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