Bert McCracken Explains Breakup With Kelly Osbourne

Playboy magazine caught up with The Used frontman Bert McCracken who explained how he broke up with Kelly Osbourne. “I did it over the phone,” he admitted. “I’m such a di**head. She’s the most important girlfriend I’ve ever had. We’re best friends. It was just always so pleasant when she was around. And it smelled better. [Laughs] I’ve been down in the dumps. I want to be with her, but I just can’t. I don’t want to date other girls. I’m just not ready for a relationship, period, let alone a huge, public relationship. I just hope that someday I can maybe be with someone as good and perfect as she is.”

Kelly Osbourne Offers Beauty Advice

In the March issue of Allure, Kelly Osbourne was asked what is the worst beauty mistake women can make. Osbourne responded, “Don’t use Christina Aguilera’s stylist.”

Kelly Osbourne Gets Booted From Blender Bash

LFI reports Kelly Osbourne and her guitarist were kicked out of the Blender magazine after party for the Camp Freddie concert where Kid Rock, Slash, Moby, and Dave Navarro performed. It seems Kelly’s band got in a fight with Korn.

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