Best And Worst Crossover Artists

Contributed anonymously: MTV Latin American named Ricky Martin as the most successful crossover artist in Latin America, that has opened the doors for the young wave of Latin pop singers. came second, for being the most talented of the crossovers. Then Shakira and Paulina Rubio, the first one for being the most successful female, and the second for being the first Mexican crossover. did not made the list and was named the worst crossover out of all, and was called the unofficial Mexican edition of Jennifer Lopez. She only sold 180.000 albums in USA and only have a million worldwide.

J.Lo’s ‘Jersey Girl’ Screen Time Evaporated After ‘Gigli’

March 21, 2004 – The issue of Jennifer Lopez’s screen time on ‘Jersey Girl’ changed radically when ‘Gigli,’ starring Ben Affleck and Lopez, crashed last summer, not long before their off-screen relationship collapsed. “When I cast the movie, I went, ‘I’ve got Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and Liv Tyler – we’re going to open at No. 1,'” director Kevin Smith told The New York Daily News. “The moment ‘Gigli’ bombed, I was like, ‘That will never happen.’ Hopefully [‘Jersey Girl’] will have legs. People will say, ‘Oh, it’s definitely a movie worth seeing. It’s not about Ben and Jennifer – it’s about him and a kid.”

Jennifer Lopez Re-Releasing Her Latest Album In UK

March 20, 2004 – Contributed by lopez_lover: The latest Jennifer’s album ‘This Is Me… Then’ is being re-released in UK this Monday (March 22nd) and will now come with an additional 5 track remix CD featuring the massive R.Kelly remix of ‘Baby I Love U!’. Also, ‘Baby, I Love U!’ single dropped 3 spots to #6 in UK midweeks selling over 7.000 copies of CD.

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  1. Mable says:

    I’m not surprised her CD sells dropped. Her greed seems to motivate her to excel in so many things at one time. Movies, vocalist, clothing perfume, jewelry line, restaurants, and talk show producer. And to think, she needs studio equipment to help make her voice sound better, yet she still wants to take over the recording industry also.

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