Betty Curse Discusses Mom’s Reaction To Her Look

Top Of The Pops Online spoke with Megan Burns, now going by Betty Curse, and asked the pop-gother what her parents think of her look.

“My mum used to be concerned when I was younger, like 13, and I was skulking around,” she said. “She was more concerned about other people because I got quite a lot of abuse for it. She wasn’t actually thinking that I looked crap. I mean, now she loves it. She loves me coming home when I’ve been away for a while and she sees what creations I’ve come up with this time. She does get embarrassed when I’m walking down the street with my little top hat on and a little veil and stuff. It’s like ‘Please, Megan, we’re going shopping…’ And she always tries to make me play down my make-up. She hates it when I go out and I’ve got all my purple eyeshadow all over me and she’s like ‘It’s the daytime! Can’t you just leave that for the night?'”

The interview transcript at has since been removed.

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