Amelle Berrabah Says Beware Of Falling Sheep

Sugababes’ newest member Amelle Berrabah took part in a Q&A with, where she was asked if she ever had any holiday disasters. “I don’t know if people will even believe me, it’s quite a random one,” she said. “This was quite a few years ago at our place in Morocco. For some reason, my aunty, who owns a farm with sheep and donkeys, brought one of her sheep’s round and, for some reason, it was on the fourth floor. Yeah, don’t ask. So, me and my three sisters were sunbathing on a terrace on the third floor. When I put my sunglasses on I just saw something coming towards me and the next thing I knew this sheep fell on me. It broke the chair I was in! I didn’t bruise or break anything but that’s the most random thing that has ever happened to me.” Asked if the sheep was okay, Amelle responded, “Yeah, it was fine actually. I just remember it being on top of me and trying to get up. I’ve had a donkey trying to chase me up a hill as well ‘cos I kept poking it with a stick to make it turn around.”

Sugababes Booed After Keisha’s Late Arrival

August 15, 2006 – The Sun reports Sugababes were booed and pelted with bottles for starting a their Marbella Bull Ring gig 90 minutes late on Saturday (August 12). The tardiness was due to Keisha Buchanan getting caught up in the jet bombs scare. One fan in Spanish town said, “People were angry. We were not told a reason for the delay.”

Sugababes Visit Heart 106.2

June 9, 2006 – Sugababes visited Heart 106.2 FM the other day to talk with hosts Jamie Theakston and Harriet Scott about the newest member of the group, and their upcoming tour as the opener for Take That. They talked about how they had crushes on the boy band growing up, Jamie’s claim that Britney Spears was drunk ever time he saw her – prompting the girls to say Spears wasn’t that friendly when they met at Rock In Rio, the rumor that Jamie Foxx asked Keisha Buchanan out and she said no, Heidi Range’s new solo single, the group’s greatest hits record, plans for a fifth album next year, winning an award in Romania, and more. Audio for the 2-part interview at has since been removed.

Keisha Buchanan Is Staying Single

May 22, 2006 – Sugababes star Keisha Buchanan tells The Mirror she’s in no mood to hook up with a guy right now. “It’s the year of Keisha,” she said. “I’m staying single and concentrating on me, my girls and my family – I’m loving it.”

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