Beyond The Veronicas – First Day Of The Jonas Brothers Tour

‘Beyond The Veronicas’ episode 6 features the Brisbane twins on the first day of their tour with the in Ohio. Jess and Lisa talked about the big and screaming crowds the headliners get and the many trucks and buses the Jonas Brothers had on the tour. After giving the sibling trio a hug meeting up with them the first time, tour manager Joe discussed the opportunity they had opening for such a popular group. They got a bit stressed during soundcheck.

“It was the first show too, you know we were very stressed and we were wanting to make every use of the time given,” Lisa said, adding, “Being an opening act for someone, it doesn’t really bother us. We understand over here we aren’t as well known as the Jonas Brothers.” Jess agreed. “Whether it’s us doing our own headline or doing a 25 minute set with the Jonas Brothers, it doesn’t bother us. As long as we get to play music and it’s an enthusiastic crowd, that’s all we really care about.”

The duo are then seen performing ‘Untouched’ before assessing the show backstage. The webisode at has since been removed.

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