Big Lance and *NSYNC News On TRL Tomorrow

Contributed by kissforlance:

Carson Daly said on MTV’s Total Request Live today that on Wednesday he would have big news about Lance Bass and *NSYNC. It would be crazy and unbelievable.

Gets Soul Train Nomination

February 9, 2002 – Contributed Anonymously:

For those who have not heard but Nsync’s song “Gone” has enough soul to where they are nominated. But the question is will they attend which seems to be going through all the MB boards on, Black Voices, Black Planet.

Many say that if their Management Team, Record label, Marketing Team is SMART, they will make sure that the guys are in attendance because if they don’t they will be getting some serious BACKLASH from the Urban Musiclovers. People will be saying that “Ok, you got nominated but you can not even attend!?” I truly don’t think the guys will like that too much!

*NSYNC’s Wants To Produce Superman Film

February 4, 2002 – The New York Daily News reports *NSYNC’s wants to take his fascination with Superman to a new level and produce a film about the super hero. Fatone admits, “I used to get dressed in a Superman outfit with a cape and a big S on my chest and just jump off tables and chairs and everything. I got so many stitches by the age of 4 pretending I would fly like Superman that I became a walking ball of thread.”

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3 thoughts on “Big Lance and *NSYNC News On TRL Tomorrow

  1. britnickjessjustin says:

    is this the same news as “”Joey Fatone was radio station XL106 in Orlando tonight and confirmed that *NSYNC were taking a very long, extended hiatus after this tour.” — taken from this site?

    i wonder!

  2. annsangel says:

    And you say your an nsync fan- he has never said anything about leaving the group- If i was you I would worry about Lance or Joey leaving- they have said over and over again Acting is their passion. Do you think if Lance documentary makes millions he will stay with a music group. Why do you think the group is taking 8 months off – It sure is not because of Justin- Lance needed the time for his space program- And just as the guys in the group or supporting lance and taking this time off,I support any member of Nsync- So remember the down fall of any group has been the remarks by fans having favoritism by trying to split fans – Your doing a very good job of trying to split the fans into not liking and supporting Justin- When the fans divide how many do you think will stay with Justin- But most fans like the group as a whole. Again I support each of them including Justin

  3. LilMands82 says:

    I agree

    if your a true fan…your a fan of the whole group…they aren’t breaking up. They’re taking a break for lance, they’re writing songs for the new album and will record soon…they aren’t going away no matter how many people want it.

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