Big Time Rush On Recording New Album, Tattoos

Big Time Rush live

Wright of KIIS FM in Los Angeles talked to Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson from on July 23rd. The Nickelodeon stars talked about their single ‘Windows Down’, working on the new album while on the road, how successful the guest appearance of on their show was, and an encounter James had with a fan who got his face tattooed on her.

On music news:

Yeah we are actually on tour as we speak. We rolled in this morning and we’re gonna roll out tomorrow night. We are gonna be recording on the road for the third album. In the bus, in the dressing room, recording in the shower because it has great acoustics. We recorded most of our second album on the road so I think this one is gonna be really cool.

On Wright’s guest appearance on ‘Big Time Rush’:

Did you guys know the episode that JoJo was in got really awesome ratings? I don’t want to make your head any bigger, but it was the biggest show on TV that night.

On tattoos, James said:

So we’re playing Phoenix yesterday, and at the meet and greet, a very excited fan comes to take a picture, and on the way out says, “Oh James, by the way,” she pulls down the back of her shirt, it’s my face. Not a little one. It was like first season, hair down to there.

Listen to the interview, and a performance of ‘Windows Down’ at the end, via below.

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  1. Melissa Malone says:

    Melissa’s wish is to meet with her pop band in the world including my favorite singer’s because James is the bestest and cute too he sings like a Angel on his voice of an pop artest that when he smiles he cheer me up with his singing and I love their dancing skills that they really do hard work on the dances I love that. and for Melissa’s experience with meeting with this incredible singer’s ever and they are so dreamy and adorable singing and dancing group of four increadable band group that cares about each other’s heart’s and awesome boys.

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