Bill Maher Explains Why He’s Laid Off Jacko’s Pedophilia Rumors

Bill Maher talked about why he never went after for his alleged reports of pedophilia during Tuesday’s Politically Incorrect. Maher said, “I’ve said this before, I never made Michael Jackson kid jokes. Why? Because I don’t know it’s true. And I think all my competitors made them for years and years and years and cemented that idea in people’s minds that that’s what he does. Lord knows he’s weird. But he is wrong about kids. Instead of surrounding himself with these powerless half-wits who never challenge his thinking, maybe he would advance mentally, if he had an adult around once in a while who said, ‘You know what, Michael, think about it this way.'”

Wants Annual ‘Children’s Day’ Holiday

February 3, 2002 – Michael tells Vibe magazine that he believes that children deserve their own annual holiday in their celebration. Jacko said, “There’s a Mother’s Day and there’s a Father’s Day, but there’s no Children’s Day. It would mean a lot. It really would. World peace. I hope that our next generation will get to see a peaceful world, not the way things are going now.”

Internet Fan Club Closing

January 24, 2002 – Fans of Michael who regularly visit the Michael Jackson Internet Fan Club ( got a jolt recently when the site announced, “After almost seven years of fun-filled hard work for the MJIFC, we are now ready to move on to other tasks in our lives. This means that we have decided to close this fan club.”

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3 thoughts on “Bill Maher Explains Why He’s Laid Off Jacko’s Pedophilia Rumors

  1. Charles Nickalopoulos says:

    Michael Jackson is one mixed up dude.

  2. joe says:

    No, Bill, the reason you don’t go after Michael Jackson is because you probably like raping kids yourself. After your disgraceful Craig Ferguson appearance, who can be sure?

  3. Dennis says:

    Bill is right, and morons like Craig Ferguson are wrong. Bill is spot on about everything he’s said about Michael Jackson. When I was no older than some of his so-called victims, I was sticking “it” in anything that didn’t move. They were not innocent “little” boys, they were adolescents. The ironic thing is that Michael contributed to all the saccharine child-worship and child-idealization that ended up wrecking his reputation.

    Nothing Michael Jackson was EVER accused of doing would’ve been a crime in Spain, South Korea or Japan. Think about that.

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