Bill Maher’s New Rules For The Jonas Brothers

Bill Maher went after the in his “New Rules” segment last night on ‘Real Time’. “New rule. The Jonas Brothers have to stop saying people hate them for their purity rings,” Maher said. “We hate you because you blow. The boys say they wear the purity rings to show their commitment to remain virgins until marriage. Hey, not to worry fellas because unless you live in Massachusetts or California, I don’t see marriage happening anytime soon.”

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3 thoughts on “Bill Maher’s New Rules For The Jonas Brothers

  1. EW! says:

    Stay classy, Bill Maher!

    More dumb asses embarrassing those of us liberals who aren’t ass wipes. Sigh.

  2. Renee says:

    Figures yet another liberal would make fun of someone with good old fashion values! For an adult to make fun of these young men for doing something that is honorable is just hateful! I find Bill Maher to be a complete idiot! I don’t even know why he has his own show!

  3. Eddie says:

    Wow, bill hits the nail on the head. All the Jonas brothers do is use their fame (and bad music) to sell a religious idea to children. I have been a virgin for a while (going on 18 years) and I never use a purity ring, all of it is just a pointless commercialization of something to be kept personal, this is deeper then a few comedians getting a few laughs at the expense of three so-called prodigies.

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