Billboard Comments On *NSYNC Vs. Backstreet Boys

Keith Caulfield of fielded a question from a Backstreet Boys fan wondering why *NSYNC is perceived as the bigger act in the boy band world. Caulfield says, “For each groups three studio sets, ‘N Sync has moved 24.5 million copies of its albums, while Backstreet Boys have sold 27.4 million. Your point has been proven.” He continues, “Why has the media and the general public perceived *NSYNC as the more successful of the two acts? Radio is a factor.” The last two *NSYNC albums have produced more top-20 hits (6 in total) on Billboard’s Hot 100 than the Backstreet Boys have (3 in total) by comparison.

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14 thoughts on “Billboard Comments On *NSYNC Vs. Backstreet Boys

  1. erlinda says:

    I choose Backstreet Boys for me because their songs is are lovely and good singers

  2. erlinda says:

    I don’t like a1 and Westlife over my dead body and=gus2 ko ay Backstreet Boys only

  3. cornelia mccall says:

    I like Backstreet Boys but I like Westlife the most because they are just a simple pop band.. So for those who don’t like Westlife just go to hell… I love ya Westlife and I’m you’re greatest fan of you… Just love Westlife because they are the best ever band… And they are all cute.. I hate comments bad to Westlife.. I love all the songs of Westlife because it’s making my life worth it…… Thanks for those who love Westlife………….

  4. nicole tallayo says:

    I love Westlife the most because they have nice voices and in fact they are very cute .,….especially Mark because his voice is cute like his face……even the older member of the band,. Shane, Kian, Bryan and Nicky I also love them I don’t usually like Backstreet Boys.

  5. tanya says:

    Woo hoo. I love Westlife you were cool and hot. I never liked the Backstreet Boys because they suck. I love Westlife forever..

  6. herome says:

    Westlife really is the coolest band ever. No one can beat them ok. Westlife forever and ever.

  7. antaun says:

    I am a Backstreet Boys fan, but I have to admit that N Sync are perceived as the biggest group because they ARE the biggest group. It didn’t start because radios play N Sync more than the Backstreet Boys like the magazine speculated, but rather it started when N Sync broke the Backstreet Boys record sales with their album No Strings Attached.

  8. johnpaul says:

    Backstreet Boys are the best , Westlife are good singers but are behind Backstreet Boys, NSYNC are the third best

  9. brad says:

    fu** you all NSYNC are the best boy band and the all girls like the boy band especially Justin Timberlake he is the most hoot guy in the band ……

  10. ashley says:

    o-town beats all the boy bands #1 all time. liquid dreams #1 video all time and the other song is #1 ballad all time

  11. carter4ever says:

    Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, A1, plus one, 98 Degrees and O-Town are my favorite boy bands … BSB and NSYNC are the best for me but I like BSB more than NSYNC … I don’t like Westlife because most of their songs are only revives … and yeah jologs nga cla but they are not 100 percent jologs because there are a 2 songs that I like from them … the only Westlife songs that I like is ” I wanna grow old with you ” and ” swear it again ” … well BSB is always a step ahead than NSYNC … maybe if there’s no BSB then there’s NSYNC … I like Nick Carter than Justin Timberlake too …

  12. ngoc anh says:

    I love BSB more than Westlife and NSync.I mean,if NSync was so good,so ‘big’,they wouldn’t have disbanded

  13. Sam says:

    West life is sh**, west life only ruled UK,but they never conquered big Asian markets such as japan and the biggest market USA,so they are far from being good. Nysnc did well because of justin and Jc,others were untalented singers meaning lance could not sing solo and the other two,joey and chris were what you would call bad singers. Backstreet boys were teen idols of the 90’s.Backstreet back sold 28 million records worldwide with backstreet back and 30 million worldwide with millennium.before that they sold 10 million records with their debut album backstreet boys which was massive hit in Europe.backstreet boys sold tons of records in Europe,confused?look at the album certifications for their albums backstreet boys,backstreets back, millennium and black and blue from IFPI Europe.they were big in Germany and the UK too where they had multiple top 10 hits,unlike west life who could not even have multiple top 20 hits in the USA.backstreet boys are successful artists since RIAA says that they have been certified 37X million times in the USA,according to neilson soundscan, Millennium sold 12 million,backstreet back just sold 10 million,black and blue sold 5.2 million and never gone 0.79 million. Their compilation album HITs chapter 1 sold 6 million worldwide with 1 million sold in the USA.backstreet boys were consistent,meaning they did well every where during the teen pop boom,USA, Europe and japan,so tell all the mother fu**er west life fans to shut up.only Nsync fans can tell bsb fans that they are better because they are,but west life is sh**, no versatility, they cant harmonize as well, so fu** west life.

  14. Dozie says:

    Unarguably, bsb, is the best, now, forever and always, backstreet boys rules. Think of it, no one can actually say who is the true lead vocal, there is A.J, Brian, and Nick. Even Howie and Kevin more than occasionally, have there fair share of lead. But NYSNC, it was basically Justin and J.C. Westlife are good, but only in England, there songs are mostly reedited works done by a previous artist, even though they have some originals, but you can tell that they also have a lead vocal, others are just backups. In all BSB RULES!!!

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